The unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10e and S10 128 GB come with free dual wireless charging pads at Microsoft

The unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10e and S10 128 GB come with free dual wireless charging pads
If you're in need of an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10e - pictured above - or an unlocked Galaxy S10, and you are happy with their base storage option (128 GB), you should know that Microsoft is currently offering a nice gift with both phones. To be precise, if you're buying a Galaxy S10e 128 GB or Galaxy S10 128 GB from Microsoft, you are entitled to receive a free Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad. Normally priced at $99.99, this accessory allows you to wirelessly charge two devices at the same time (smartphones or smartwatches, it doesn't matter).

Microsoft is asking $749 for the Galaxy S10e 128 GB, and $899 for the Galaxy S10 128 GB - these are the same prices that Samsung itself is charging for the two handsets. Unlike Microsoft, though, Samsung currently does not offer any freebies with the 128 GB variants of the phones, although you can get a free Wireless Charger Duo Pad with the Galaxy S10e 256 GB ($849), or a free entry-level tablet with the Galaxy S10 512 GB ($1,149).

According to Microsoft, its Galaxy S10 promotional offer is available both online - here at its official website - and in retail stores across the US, until April 30.

For some unknown reason, Microsoft is selling only the black 128 GB versions of the Samsung Galaxy S10e and S10, so you can't choose other colors or other storage configurations. Moreover, if you're interested in buying the pricier Galaxy S10+ (starting at $999), this is currently out of stock at Microsoft.

In case you're wondering, all unlocked Galaxy S10 models are fully compatible with most relevant US mobile carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and their prepaid brands.

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