Samsung may have completed the Galaxy Fold 'redesign', but new release date remains under wraps

Samsung may have completed the Galaxy Fold 'redesign', but new release date remains under wraps
While Samsung CEO DJ Koh broke the silence earlier this week with his own personal feelings on the Galaxy Fold debacle, calling the whole thing "embarrassing" as a long overdue public mea culpa, confusion continues to be the first word that comes to our mind when talking about the oft-delayed foldable device that was supposed to revolutionize the mobile industry.

More than four months after it was formally unveiled and two and a half months on the heels of those shocking build quality issues being discovered on review units, we still have no idea when a refined, re-engineered Samsung Galaxy Fold is to be expected in stores (in limited numbers). That's probably because the company itself is unsure when the new product will be deemed ready for primetime, although for what it's worth, Bloomberg claims a "two-month redesign" operation aimed at fixing the "embarrassing screen failures" that forced the initial delay has been "completed."

All the issues are in the rearview mirror

According to the aforementioned publication's generally reliable inside sources (aka "people familiar with the matter"), Samsung has been able to iron out the two most important Galaxy Fold glitches, as revealed by that thorough teardown inspection a while back. Namely, the protective film covering the flexible display reportedly feels "more a natural part of the device rather than a detachable accessory" now, and more importantly, the hinge no longer protrudes from the actual screen, reducing the risk of debris getting stuck between the OLED panel and that rigid protector you can't peel off with as much ease as before.

That sounds pretty much ideal, but if Samsung only needed a couple of extra months to make these crucial improvements to the phone's durability, we're left wondering why the company rushed the Galaxy Fold to market in the first place. One possible answer is obviously the Huawei Mate X, which is now delayed as well, allowing Samsung to rigorously test its redesigned first foldable handset before properly releasing it to the "masses."

Of course, just because those two specific weaknesses have (allegedly) been fixed, that doesn't mean the Galaxy Fold 2.0 is a flawless device that will never break. After all, DJ Koh did suggest more issues were "defined" in the recent "process of recovery", including "some issues we didn't even think about", which are probably close to being ironed out as well.

Don't hold your breath for an August launch

Fearing a repeat of the catastrophic incidents reported back in April would completely bury the Galaxy Fold and hurt the immense potential of foldable smartphones in general, Samsung is taking its time (for once) to thoroughly assess the durability and reliability of the "re-upholstered" product. That rules out a re-release by the end of this month and also makes an announcement alongside the Galaxy Note 10 family early next month highly unlikely.

Then again, if the company does manage to eliminate the small gaps between the screen and its bezels, strengthen the plastic protector, and "reduce the chance of a crease developing in the middle of the screen over time", as Bloomberg's sources claim, the resulting gadget sounds like something that deserves its own announcement event. We highly doubt the second  version of the Galaxy Fold will be perfect on every level, but if it can come close to perfection, nay, day-to-day functionality, it might be the start of that revolution envisioned by Samsung almost a decade ago.

Bottom line, even if the Galaxy Fold ends up seeing daylight dangerously close to the "crucial holiday season" (like, say, in October), it should be considered a success story and not an "embarrassment"... as long as it works. 

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