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Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds are nearing release, show up at the FCC

Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds are nearing release, show up at the FCC
Summer is in full swing and while people are trying to figure out how to have a proper vacation despite the coronavirus, and companies are preparing for their Fall launches, Samsung has other plans.

Samsung is planning to announce a bunch of products in the next month or so. From the Summer regular, the new Galaxy Note, to the tag-alongs, Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Watch 3, there’s a whole family of products awaiting release.

One new product that’s flying in the shadow of the Goliaths mentioned above is Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds. Carrying the tentative name Galaxy Buds Live, the new wireless earbuds are likely what’s hiding behind SM-R180, a model number mentioned in a recent FCC listing. The naming scheme matches that of previous Samsung earbuds, the Galaxy Buds+ were SM-R175.

Quickly noticed by SamMobile, the listing means that the new Buds are close to launch, which aligns with previous rumors that they’ll be announced before the Galaxy Note 20 series, towards the end of July.

What do we know about the Galaxy Buds Live so far? Not much. Their design is said to be bean-shaped, in other words, nothing like that of the Galaxy Buds we’ve seen so far. The compact design will likely result in shorter battery life, but considering how well the Buds+ are doing in that regard, they should provide at least 6-7 hours of playback time.
Price-wise, the Buds Live are expected to either match or be slightly cheaper than the Buds+, so anywhere between $120 and $150 would be a good guess. 

It seems like by the end of August you could be clad in all-new Samsung tech: a phone, a smartwatch and new wireless earbuds. The only question is: Is your wallet ready for it?

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