Samsung's hot new Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are already on sale at a surprisingly large discount

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Samsung's hot new Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are already on sale at a surprisingly large discount
As incredible as it might seem, this article's headline contains no typo or error of any sort. That means bargain hunters are not looking at a hot new deal on Samsung's older (and still pretty great) Galaxy Buds 2or first-gen Buds Pro.

Instead, the just-released Galaxy Buds 2 Pro can be purchased for $179.99 a pair today only, which may not sound incredibly affordable... until you realize these noise-cancelling and ultra-high-end AirPods Pro rivals are "normally" priced at $229.99.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

True Wireless Earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation, New, 90-Day Warranty, Three Colors
$179 99
$229 99

Seeing as how Samsung's latest (and arguably greatest) true wireless earbuds have literally just started shipping to their earliest adopters yesterday, August 26, it obviously goes without saying that Woot is selling brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged units at a cool $50 discount right now.

Somewhat curiously, the... cheaper-than-ever Galaxy Buds 2 Pro only come with a 90-day seller warranty rather than the full 1-year manufacturer coverage you'd get with a direct Samsung or purchase, for instance.

But a $50 discount is pretty much impossible to turn down so incredibly early in the commercial run of a new heavyweight contender for the title of best wireless earbuds out there, especially with no strings attached and three colors to choose from (including that decidedly eye-catching Bora Purple flavor).

At $179.99, these noise-cancelling, excellent-sounding, sleek-looking, objectively comfortable, and wirelessly charging newbies are currently just as affordable as Apple's hugely popular but aging first-gen AirPods Pro

Of course, a new AirPods Pro edition is finally around the corner, but if its starting price rumors pan out, we may never see those potentially game-changing buds drop below or even close to the $200 mark, leaving the door wide open for a Galaxy Buds 2 Pro acquisition today for folks on a (relatively) tight budget.

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