Vote now: Would you buy a foldable iPhone?

Vote now: Would you buy a foldable iPhone?
Apple is definitely late to the foldable party, and we don't actually know the reason why. According to the latest rumors, we might see a foldable iPhone no sooner than 2025, which is a long wait. In the meantime, Samsung is strengthening its position in the market for foldable phones, especially in the US, where the competition is pretty much nonexistent.

And while we're waiting for the fifth iteration of the Galaxy Fold, Apple has yet to show a prototype. We shouldn't forget that the company is amazingly good at marketing its products, so we shouldn't write off the bitten apple just yet.

Also, only 1% of all smartphones sold around the world are foldable right now, so Apple might be waiting for the right time to attack. This is a double-edged sword, because in the meantime, Samsung could win over a lot of brand loyalists.

The situation is pretty uncertain, and that's the reason why we've decided to ask you about it. Would you buy the first generation iPhone foldable device? Or are you already converted and would rather reach out for something well-known and tested?

We know there are a huge number of variables, including price, form factor, and availability (2025 might be a bit too late), but let's try to paint a broad picture and see what the consensus is on the folding iPhone. Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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