Vote now: Do we really need an iPhone SE?

Vote now: Do we really need an iPhone SE?
It’s time once again to question the logic and sanity behind modern smartphone business decisions in a bid to feel much more important than we really are. This might sound a bit dramatic, but the “what if” scenario is often lingering on the edge of our minds.

So, the iPhone SE. It’s a beautiful idea - a budget iPhone with the looks and feel of Apple’s main contenders. At least that was the idea at the time. I remember how the original SE was able to turn heads, and it was a great little phone.

Then the second generation hit the market in 2020, and even though it wasn’t the clear success the original had on its debut, the 2020 SE wasn’t all that bad. The problem was that it used the iPhone 8 design, which was much more outdated compared to the iPhone 12 lineup, which was the most current at the time. The gap was much bigger.

And that’s the main issue - Apple somehow lost the initial idea to offer a cheaper version of its portfolio without sacrificing too much in terms of design and raw power. In my honest opinion, the third generation SE was a laughing matter, as it was stuck in time, hampered by old design choices and lazy engineering (or business decisions, I can’t be sure).

Now that we're starting to get the first rumors and talks about the next generation of the poor SE, I’m starting to think that Apple should just call it a day and never release another model from that range. But this might just be me, and that’s why we’re doing the poll thingy.

We did the same thing with the iPhone Plus, and as it turns out, the majority of the voters think that it’s a bit redundant and we don’t need it. What about the SE? Do we really need it now that we have the Plus, and you can always get an older, vanilla iPhone for almost as cheap? Vote in the poll and share your Special Edition thoughts in the comments below.

Do we really need an iPhone SE?

Yes, it's great! Don't touch my SE!
I'm not really sure/don't have an opinion
Nah, Apple should end its suffering.
Other (leave a comment)

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