Vote now: Do we really need an iPhone Plus?

Vote now: Do we really need an iPhone 14 Plus?
Back in 2014, Apple decided to hop on the phablet train (what an ugly word) and launched the iPhone 6 Plus. Let's leave aside the unfortunate bend-gate and focus on the meaning of this "Plus" moniker. It was meant to offer a bigger display and answer the pressing need for screen estate.

Several years later, the phones grew bigger, and the "Plus" was no longer needed. The "X" marked the spot and also the end of the phablet as a linguistic abomination. Fast forward to 2022, it's back again! Apple decided to ditch the "mini" model and swap it for a cheap version of the Pro Max, if we look at the size of the phone and display - the iPhone 14 Plus was born.

We can argue all day about the reasons Apple brought back this name and this time assigned it to a cheap big-screen iPhone, but the fact of the matter is that it's here and we have to deal with it. So, instead, we've decided to ask you, our loyal readers, to chime in and drop your opinion on the matter.

Do we really need this "Plus" back in our lives? My personal opinion is that Apple should've kept the mini, albeit in smaller production numbers, but I'm a sucker for compact phones. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is huge, but it's also the most powerful of them all.

Is there such a huge demand for a cheaper, bigger iPhone to justify launching a new model in the portfolio? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Do we really need an iPhone Plus?

Yes, it's great!
I'm not really sure about this...
Bring back the mini!
Nah, the Plus model is a bit redundant...
Other (leave a comment)

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