Vote now: Would you buy a compact phone in 2023?

Vote now: Would you buy a compact phone in 2023?
Phones used to be huge, then they started to shrink to the point where you could wear them on a keychain, and then they started to grow again. Now that we're pushing the 7-inch boundary and small tablets are mostly extinct, the question arises: Is there still a place for compact phones in 2023?

We all know what happened to the iPhone mini experiment, sales were so low that Apple ditched it after only two iterations. Today, if you want to buy a compact phone, there aren't many options out there.

The vanilla Galaxy S and iPhone are somewhat compact around 6.1 inches; the Asus Zenfone is probably the only compact flagship under 6 inches, and with the iPhone 15 series right around the corner, phones are going to get even bigger.

It looks like people just don't want small phones. But is this really the case? Would you buy a compact phone (flagship or not) if you had the chance? We're talking iPhone mini territory here, something between 5 and 5.5 inches.

I'll never get tired of talking about my all-time favorite Xperia Ray with its 3.3-inch screen and unmatched one-hand operation capabilities, but even a compact phone aficionado like myself can't deny the pleasure of using something like the iPhone 14 Plus or the Galaxy Z Fold.

Do we still need compact phones? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Would you buy a compact phone in 2023?

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