Vote now: What's the refresh rate on your smartphone?

Vote now: What's the refresh rate on you smartphone?
As smartphones continue to evolve and improve, one of the key features that many people consider when purchasing a new device is the refresh rate of the display. The refresh rate is how many times per second the screen is updated. A higher refresh rate can make the display smoother and faster, and this has become a new arms race among smartphone manufacturers.

There are several different refresh rates that are commonly found on modern smartphones, including 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz, and even higher. We've seen 144Hz on some gaming phones, and now, in the dusk of 2022, even some upper midrange phones sport a 120Hz refresh rate, such as the best-selling Galaxy A53, for example.

Some people absolutely need a higher refresh rate for gaming or other activities that require fast response times, while others may be content with a lower refresh rate for everyday use or don't even bother to consider this when making a buying decision.

Overall, the refresh rate of a smartphone display is an important consideration for many people, and it can have a big impact on the overall user experience. Whether you prefer a higher or lower refresh rate, it's always good to have options and to be able to choose the right smartphone for your needs. About a year ago, we asked you, "How important is smartphone display refresh rate for you?" and it turned out that other features were more important back then.

So, for today's poll, we want to know: What's the maximum refresh rate on your smartphone? Do you have a 60Hz display, a 90Hz display, a 120Hz display, or something else? Vote and share your thoughts on smartphone refresh rate in the comments below.

What's the maximum refresh rate on your smartphone?

144Hz or more
I don't really know
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