Vote now: Do you still have your first phone?

Vote now: Do you still have your first phone?
Nostalgia is a very strong emotion! Yesterday, while I was writing the piece about my first trade-in deal, I started to wonder whether people are that sentimental, and do most of them remember their first phone? There were some heartwarming comments from people going down memory lane right there, but I'm not sure if that's the case in general.

Back in my days, a phone lasted many, many years before the need for a new one arose, and we had removable batteries and repair shops everywhere. So keeping your first phone was not only a sentimental affair but also the most practical thing to do.

If your first phone was a smartphone, though, things might be a little different. Now, I'm not old or anything (I refuse to reveal my age even at gunpoint;) but I'm curious about our younger audience. There are trade-in programs nowadays that are just too good to be skipped, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Another point is that modern smartphones all look the same and are hardly distinguishable from one another (I'm planning a challenge with my colleagues where I'll line up 10 phones from different brands with the display turned off and make them guess all of the models).

Anyway, we digress... Today's poll asks you the simple question: "Do you still have your first phone?" You can share any cool stories in the comment section below.

Do you still own your first phone?

Yes, I still have it!
No, but I remember what it was
I'm not really sure
Other (leave a comment)

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