OnePlus beefs up and rebrands its Zen Mode app without telling anybody

OnePlus beefs up and rebrands its Zen Mode app without telling anybody
The amount of time we spend on our phones has only continued to increase with each year, which has not gone unnoticed by the manufacturers making them. That is why most phones now have some kind of feature or app that helps users keep track of the hours they spend on their daily drivers and regulate it.

OnePlus added its own solution to this issue by launching the Zen Mode app with the OnePlus 7 Pro back in 2019 (one of the best Android phones for its time). Since then, the application is used by many of the company's fans, and it has now received a significant upgrade, alongside a slight rebranding, as noticed by a member of the OnePlus forum nicknamed Some_Random_Username. (via AndroidAuthority)

The app has now changed from Zen Mode to Zen Space, and its icon has been refreshed. The changes are not only visual, though, as OnePlus has added new features and expanded old ones, making the app a more useful tool for those who love using it.

OnePlus Zen Mode/Zen Space app improvements

The app now gives users two options when choosing to go "Zen". Deep Zen mode is used when you want to completely detach yourself from using your OnePlus phone, blocking all functionality besides taking photos and making/taking emergency calls.

Light Zen mode, on the other hand, is less strict with its restrictions. It allows you to pick apps that would not be affected while you are taking a break. Additionally, unlike Deep Zen mode, Light Zen mode gives you the option to exit it completely, and use the phone as you would usually.

There are two presets that come with Light Zen mode — Work and Study. Both make use of the Work Life Balance feature and pick the apps that would make sense to be included. Of course, you can edit that list of apps if you want to add or remove any.

The Zen Space app comes with a redesigned look in the form of new themes, and you can now also track your Zen session via the Always-On Display, where the app will give you reminders and some at-a-glance information about your progress.

On top of everything else, OnePlus has added more time durations, new achievement medals, and a dashboard to check your weekly statistics.

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