Make Memorial Day more exciting with the OnePlus Open through this stunning trade-in deal

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Make Memorial Day more exciting with the OnePlus Open through this stunning trade-in deal
Memorial Day weekend is already here, and so is’s jaw-dropping deal on one of the best foldable phones out there. Don’t know what we’re talking about? The official store once again sells the OnePlus Open at a super sweet $300 discount, with an extra $100 off available with any trade-in!

Update: Sadly, the OnePlus Open discount before trade-ins is no longer available. But not all is lost, for the official store offers up to $500 trade-in bonus on most phone trade-ins, with some options reaching a trade-in value of beyond $1,000. Plus, the current trade-in deal at gives you a FREE pair of OnePlus Buds Pro 2 with your phone purchase.

Get the OnePlus Open at $400 off with ANY trade-in!

Are you looking for your next foldable phone? In such a case, get yourself the OnePlus Open. This phone has an amazing lightweight design, two AMOLED screens with LTPO technology, a flagship processor under the hood, and 16GB RAM. Praised for its awe-inspiring camera system, the device now sells at the official OnePlus store at $400 off with ANY trade-in. Alternatively, you can save $300 before trade-ins.
$1299 99
$1699 99

OnePlus Open: up to $500 trade-in bonus available!

The OnePlus Open is amazing through and through! So, even though the official store's previous deal has expired and is no longer available, you should still have this phone on your radar. At the time of writing, offers a $500 extra trade-in bonus for most trade-ins, and trading in select phones can get you way over $1,000 off your new foldable perfection. Plus, the official store now gives you a FREE pair of OnePlus Buds Pro 2 with your purchase.
$1199 99
$1699 99
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What does this mean in practice? Well, it means you can get this high-end phone at $400 off regardless of what kind of phone you trade in (trade-in device condition doesn’t seem to matter, either!) 

Easily beating some of the best Android phones with its impressive camera system, OnePlus’ first attempt at the foldable phones market doesn’t mess around. Firstly, the phone is a breeze to hold and interact with, thanks to its lightweight design.

On the display front, you have a 6.31-inch AMOLED cover display with 10-120Hz refresh rates that gives you easy access to everyday tasks. For video streaming, gaming, and more, unfold the OnePlus device. A 7.82-inch AMOLED screen with 1-120Hz refresh rates will greet you, offering a smooth and snappy visual experience.

Like most OnePlus phones, this one also cuts no corners in terms of performance and thermal management. A Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip does some pretty awesome magic tricks, plus it pairs quite nicely with 16GB RAM. 

Praised for its camera, this fella showcases a 48MP primary sensor with OIS, another 48MP ultra-wide unit, and a 64MP telephoto camera. In our OnePlus Open review, you can check out just what awesome photos you can expect to capture with one of these. By the way, the phone also has 512GB of storage, so there’ll be plenty of space for Memorial Day photos, videos, and more. 

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There’s additionally a 4,805mAh battery with crazy-fast 68W charging speeds. Surprise, surprise – the good old charging brick isn’t missing here! Simply put, this phone gives you pretty much everything you could want from a foldable. If you’re interested, pull the trigger on OnePlus’ exciting trade-in offer before it goes poof.

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