OnePlus 6T hype machine turns up to 11 with in-screen fingerprint sensor video teaser

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Even before confirming the (unsurprising) official marketing name of the company’s next “flagship killer”, OnePlus wanted the whole world to know the 6T would introduce a new unlocking method.

Dubbed Screen Unlock, this is not entirely groundbreaking, having made its commercial debut at the beginning of the year on a handset manufactured by Vivo, which just so happens to have the same parent company as OnePlus.

Still, you could consider the OnePlus 6T one of the first “mainstream” devices to implement in-display fingerprint recognition technology, beating a number of big companies to the punch for a feature widely expected to become standard in the not-too-distant future.

Clearly, OnePlus is relishing this moment of glory, trying to divert attention away from its divisive enlistment in the jack-killing movement at every available opportunity. We’ve seen the company’s co-founders hyping the upgrade in various interviews and official forum “deep-dives”, as well as multiple short and vague Twitter teasers, so naturally, the time has come for a full-on YouTube video preview of the game-changing functionality.

Unfortunately, instead of perhaps showing off how the new in-screen biometric sensor works or even how it’s incorporated into the massive AMOLED panel of the unreleased OnePlus 6T, the 30-second clip tries (a little too) hard to make this seem like the greatest tech innovation of the modern era.

Basically, the fingerprint-on-display method of unlocking a phone’s screen is presented as evidence of humanity’s continuous quest for a “better way”, alongside the discovery of fire, Egyptian pyramids, the invention of trains, planes, cars, the first Moon landing, and other similarly huge breakthroughs. 

That’s certainly a bit of a stretch, but at least as far as OnePlus is concerned, we’re sure the closing statement in the video is as true as ever. This company is “not stopping now” when it comes to pushing its competitors and forcing them to offer more for less. Or at least more for more. Weirdly enough, that October 17 announcement date is still not etched in stone.

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