Is the OnePlus 10T waterproof?

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Is the OnePlus 10T waterproof?
The OnePlus 10T is OnePlus' second flagship for 2022. The phone comes with a refined but yet recognizable design, a flagship-grade Qualcomm chip, and a good camera. The 10T may not be the most expensive phone out there at $749, but it's not cheap either. And you'd want to know about your new phone's durability no matter what it's price is, overall. A big aspect of durability is water resistance (especially now that summer is here and we're be going to the beach or pool quite a lot!)

If you're here, chances are you're looking into the water resistance rating of the OnePlus 10T. Seek no more - this is the place where you find answers. In this article, we discuss the IP rating of the OnePlus 10T in order to help you know whether or not you should be concerned when your new phone is around water (or dust).

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Is the OnePlus 10T waterproof?

Officially, the OnePlus 10T has an IP54 rating, so no, it is not waterproof. Basically, this IP rating means it is protected from dust in limited amounts and water sprays (again, in limited amounts). This is not an IP68 rating – the rating we see on flagship phones these days, which is what we consider a water-resistant phone.

Your new phone will be protected (to a certain extent) by liquids splashing on it, but it cannot be immersed in water. It is sufficiently protected from dust, at least, a normal, everyday amount of it.

What does IP54 on the OnePlus 10T mean?

IP in those ratings stands for ingress protection rating, and the two numbers that follow express the exact level of protection the phone is certified for (one number for dust, and one number for moisture). In our case, it's IP54 on the OnePlus 10T.

The first number is responsible for the device's level of protection against small particles, such as your everyday dust, for example. The higher the number, the better the protection with 6 being the highest rating for dust protection. 5 on the OnePlus 10T means quite good protection against dust – although dust damage is not unlikely, it is very difficult to get it into so much dust that it impacts its performance.

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The second number we have here stands for the level of protection against water (or moisture). Here, we have the number 4 (with 8 being the highest level we see in smartphones, such as the iPhone 13 or the Galaxy S22). 4 here means the phone is protected from water being splashed on it from all directions. However, keep in mind we are talking about water splashes, and not submerging the phone in the pool.

With all that being said – yes, you can be calm if you splash it with a few drops, but you should be really careful when bringing it around the pool with you, or bringing it to the beach (better not, or at least, be extra careful with your new phone around water).

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