OnePlus 10 Pro is brought to life in a video based on renders

The OnePlus 10 Pro brought to life in a video based on renders
The OnePlus 10 is supposed to arrive at around the same as we're expecting the Samsung Galaxy S22 family: somewhere between February and March of next year. And as could be expected, the OnePlus 10 series are already racking up a solid amount of leaks on both upcoming models.

About a month ago, the first few renders of the OnePlus 10 Pro in particular appeared on the internet, presenting a very sleek and classy-looking device, with a wide yet slim body, its array of premium rear cameras proudly displaying their Hasselblad branding. The renders showed a familiar concept from what we're used to from OnePlus, yet somehow classier, clearly belonging to a next-gen flagship.

These renders have now been brought to life in video form, the brain child of a known tech concept renderer by the name of Waqar Khan, who also runs his own YouTube channel. Rather than guaranteeing to show you exactly how the upcoming flagship will look, the video is based on all the leaks that have appeared so far, so there is still a good chance the final form of the device will look something close to what we see below.

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The video strives to show the premium-looking top tier model in its full glory from every possible angle and perspective. There are four colours shown here: black, purple, silver, and green. This is entirely the designer's concept, however; we still have no knowledge of the actual color variants that the OnePlus 10 Pro will come in. We can well expect black, but the other colors are far from certain.

The current flagship—the OnePlus 9 Pro—is available in Stellar Black, Pine Green, and Morning mist (a.k.a. black, dark green, and grey), but OnePlus may want to complement the newly re-fashioned design of the OnePlus 10 with a fresh set of colors.

One of the best things about Waqar Khan's video, is that it beautifully showcases every small detail of the OnePlus Pro that we know of at the moment. The elaborate camera setup receives a good bit of attention, displaying the symmetrical two-column design, encased in a protruding frame that elegantly wraps around the frame on the side of the phone (something like what Samsung did with the Galaxy S21).

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The curves around the frames of the phone are also given a proper lookover, elegantly matching the overall smooth look of the device, lacking sharp edges and bound to fit very comfortably in the hand.

The video doesn't offer anything particularly creative in terms of perspective, other than what was obvious in the renders—an image of the phone in a rendered human hand, for example, would have given us an even better way to imagine how the phone would actually feel. Yet it's still easier to imagine the phone in real life by watching it in video form rather than still images.

What should we expect from the OnePlus 10 Pro?

If the aesthetic design of OnePlus company's upcoming flagship catches your eye, you can always check out our OnePlus 10 Pro hub, which brings together all the updated leaks and bits of information into one consolidated place, letting you know just what to expect in terms of specs and hardware.

Just yesterday, a whole new set of leaks came in, with reports of 50W wireless fast charging support for the OnePlus 10, while when plugged in, the device will be able to charge with speeds of up to 80W. 

The leaker also tipped a 6.7-inch phone for the higher-tier flagship, as well as a 1440p LTPO display sporting a 120Hz display refresh rate. There is also a 48MP primary camera on the rear, a 50MP ultra-wide, and an 8MP 3x telephoto—coupled with a 32MP whole punch selfie shooter in the front left side of the screen.

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