Check out how the LEDs on the Nothing Phone (2) stick out when it's in white

Check out how the LEDs on the Nothing Phone (2) stick out when it's in white
Minimalism defined: black and white. It goes back to Taoism and moves forward further than the eye can see. So it’s kind of obvious why most of the best phones are offered in these two shades.

And the Nothing phone series is absolutely aimed at the peak of this design school. Even if the Phone (2)’s darker variant, dubbed Black, seemed closer to gray in this exclusive preview that we told you about a few days ago, the Glyph USP is still there and has gotten a questionably useful, yet fun upgrade.

In other words: those LEDs seem to be just bright enough. 

But hold on! Putting pretty, bright and white LEDs on a dark background is kind of cheating. Of course they’d be visible! But the phone is said to have a white variant, so how will the LEDs perform then?

Well, Nothing thought that someone might ask, so they shared this promo:

Well, it’s like the Nothing Phone (2) in Black, but it’s White this time! Wah-wah!

Jokes aside, this image hasn’t been defined as either a render or a photo, so it can’t really serve as a means to measure the LEDs’ brightness. And even if it was, you can’t really tell how bright something is until it’s in your real-life hands so that your real-life eyes can evaluate it.

With the Nothing Phone (1), some users reported slight discoloration, but this time Nothing has stated that its engineers have gone the extra mile to ensure that won’t happen. As in: those LEDs are staying white no matter what, so you can’t count on changing colors in order to see the lights better with the white variant.

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But there’s something else to be factored-in here as well: LED count. With the Nothing Phone (2), Nothing’s team has managed to increase the LED zones from 12 to 33, which might indicate an increase in individual LEDs too. But we can't be sure until we see the phone. 

Speaking of which, we have less than a week until the Nothing Phone (2) gets officially revealed. We're sure that we’ll get our fill of talks about LED count and brightness when July 11 rolls around, which is plenty of time for us to hope that a Nothing Watch gets revealed too. Unlikely, but a man can dream. 

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