Lifelong Apple iPhone user switches to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in clever commercial

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In what might be Samsung's most endearing commercial since the days of the barista and the Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III, a clever ad shows an lifelong iPhone user making the switch to the Galaxy Note 8. The ad starts in 2007 with a look at a long line wrapped around an Apple Store in 2007 for the launch of the original Apple iPhone. We see a young gentleman taking the phone out of the box. "Guess what I just got," he says to someone on his new iPhone.

We then jump ahead to 2010, and our young man is now sporting an Apple iPhone 4. He tries to take a photo with the device only to receive a notification that there is not enough storage on the phone to snap the picture. We get back into the time machine and move forward to 2013. Our hero is taking his Apple iPhone 5s out of the box and is admiring it. Later, he runs into a girl who takes down his number using the S Pen on her Samsung Galaxy Note 3. While both are holding out their phones, we get to see the larger and brighter display on Samsung's device.

In 2015, the iPhone user is in line for the latest model (the Apple iPhone 6s), and is waiting in the pouring rain. In 2016, our young man is now older, with a girl friend whom he sneaks up on while both are standing on a dock. Uh oh! They both end up in the drink. The girlfriend is okay, because she has the Samsung Galaxy S7 with an IP 68 certification rating. But our hero's iPhone heads for a bowl of white rice.

It is now 2017. The girlfriend (or maybe wife at this point) opens her new Samsung Galaxy handset with Infinity Display. He opens his new Apple iPhone, and is upset to see that there is no 3.5mm earphone jack. The new iPhone is tossed in a drawer, and the gentleman has, lo and behold, purchased the Galaxy Note 8. Echoing the first call he made with his original iPhone, he sends a text to his better half (using the S Pen) that reads "Guess what I just got." And the final scene has our hero on the street where he spots a line for the Apple iPhone X! Shades of 2007. One of the guys on line stares as the newest Samsung convert walks by. The tag line? "Upgrade to Galaxy." The title of the ad is "Growing Up," which suggests that the iPhone is for boys and that the Galaxy Note 8 is for a grown up man.

Clever, Sammy, clever.

source: Samsung

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