Useful new features are coming to YouTube Premium

Useful new features are coming to YouTube Premium
YouTube Premium offers features such as ad-free YouTube and YouTube Music and the ability to keep both services running in the background instead of closing down when you open another app. The premium version of YouTube and YouTube Music also allows subscribers to download content to play at another time, possibly when there is no cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity available.

As per 9to5Google, YouTube Premium is adding some new features including one that will allow FaceTime users to view YouTube videos with others at the same time. This is similar to the Google Meet Live Sharing that is already available for Android users. In the coming weeks, YouTube Premium will be adding SharePlay support. Some services already offer support for SharePlay including Hulu, HBO Max, TikTok, Apple Fitness Plus, Twitch, Spotify, and ESPN Plus.

Also on the way to YouTube Premium subscribers using iOS is a feature called "1080p Premium" which delivers 1080p HD video to subscribers with an enhanced bitrate. This will make videos "extra crisp and clear." Google hopes to bring this to YouTube Premium subscribers using an Android-powered device. Google says, "Whether you’re an avid sports fan or locked in on the latest gaming videos, this new feature will bring an even deeper visual quality to our members!" There are no changes to videos being viewed in 1080p using the free version of YouTube.

Starting today, YouTube Premium subscribers will be able to use the Queue feature on phones and tablets. Queue temporarily saves videos for users to view later. Unlike "Save to Watch later" or "Save to playlist," which saves content on subscribers' devices, videos and tunes can be put in a queue by tapping the three-dot menu to the right of videos (excluding Shorts) and selecting "Play last in queue." In the Queue list, you can change the order of the videos in line to be played or remove videos from the queue.

YouTube Premium members are also getting a feature called "Continue watching." If you begin viewing a YouTube video but don't finish watching it, the next time you open, you'll see a prompt in the bottom right corner of the display that when tapped, will start the video you had been viewing from the exact point where you left off. And with Smart Downloads, YouTube will automatically download recommended videos for offline viewing.

An individual subscription is priced at $11.99 per month and you can sign up for a year in advance for $119.99 which works out to $9.99 per month. A family subscription that adds up to 5 family members (13 years old and up) costs $22.99 per month, and a student subscription (which needs proof that you are a student) costs $6.99 monthly. All of these subscriptions offer a one-month free trial and you can learn more about subscribing to the service by going to or by tapping on this link.

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