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The Android 10 update for the US unlocked Motorola One Action has finally arrived

The Android 10 update for the US unlocked Motorola One Action has finally arrived
It's certainly not unusual to have to wait a few days or weeks for an international software update to reach a Motorola phone in the US, but even though the global Android 10 rollout for the 2019-released One Action reportedly kicked off way back in January, said expansion didn't happen until now.

Three months is definitely a crazy long time to wait, but all's well that ends well, and according to several owners of unlocked Motorola One Action units stateside, the update is finally available as an over-the-air download, looking pretty smooth and stable at a first glance.

For its part, the device manufacturer hasn't confirmed the US Android 10 release on its regional support webpage just yet, although said confirmations often come late, so you probably shouldn't read too much into this absence of official communication on the update front. Of course, you're also advised not to panic if you can't download and install the goodie pack on your particular US unlocked One Action unit, as nationwide deliveries can occasionally be staggered and sluggish.

While we don't have a full Motorola One Action-specific changelog to offer you right now, the main improvements and add-ons headed your way are unlikely to significantly differ from what the vast majority of upgraded handsets have received in recent months. 

We're talking things like a system-wide dark theme, more intuitive gesture navigation, enhanced notification control with suggested actions and silent groups, as well as more control over privacy and security. Speaking of security, there are obviously a number of specific tweaks on that front coming to your Motorola One Action too. Namely, Google's March 2020 patches. 

As for the device itself, you might be pleased to hear its $350 list price is reduced to $250 at its manufacturer and as little as $200 with carrier activation at Best Buy, featuring a super-tall 6.3-inch LCD panel with a resolution of 2520 x 1080 pixels, a respectable Exynos 9609 processor, 4GB RAM, a 3,500mAh battery, and a triple rear-facing camera setup composed of a 12MP primary lens, a 16MP action shooter, and a 5MP depth sensor.

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