You can get two Moto X4 units at the price of one today, no carrier shenanigans involved

You can get two Moto X4 units at the price of one today, no carrier shenanigans involved
BOGO (buy one, get one) deals may have become almost too common lately, as the nation’s big four carriers constantly seem to sell even the newest, hottest phones out there in two-for-one combinations for subscribers willing to meet certain conditions.

We’re usually talking about device payment plans, which are essentially good old fashioned contracts, as well as new lines of service, and occasionally, certain (pricey) wireless plans will also be required. Oh, and don’t forget about various other taxes and fees that “may” apply.

Or you can just skip the traditional carrier purchase route and buy two Moto X4 units at the price of one from Motorola’s own US e-store with absolutely no strings attached.

You only have until 11:59 p.m. CST today, December 7, to add both a 64GB and 32GB variant to your cart and see the latter discounted from $349.99 to... $0. Granted, both models have been on sale numerous times over the past couple of months, with and without mandatory Amazon Prime memberships, but this is by far the greatest combined markdown in the history of the X4.

Instead of a grand total of $770, you’re looking to spend a measly $419.99 today, both Moto X4 versions shipping unlocked for use on all major US networks, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint included.

The 64 gig Moto X4 is available squarely in a “Sterling Blue” color option, also packing 4GB RAM in addition to the expanded internal storage space. The 32GB model, meanwhile, comes with 3 gigs of memory and a choice of blue or black paint jobs.

It’s not altogether clear why anyone would need two of these right now, but Christmas is fast approaching, so you can probably think of a way to use such an incredibly attractive freebie.

Check out the deal here

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