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Amazon prematurely confirms Moto G8 Power design and specs

Amazon prematurely confirms Moto G8 Power design and specs
Mid-range smartphones don't typically get as much attention leading up to their official announcements as high-end handsets almost always do, but the upcoming Moto G8 Power is not your typical budget-friendly Android affair.

In addition to a modern design with a hole punch display and razor-thin bezels in tow, this bad boy is expected to have the same colossal battery going for it as its popular predecessor. That was only one of the key specifications divulged in an XDA report based on information from inside sources less than a couple of weeks ago, and believe it or not, it's also one of the major features officially confirmed today on Amazon.

That's right, the Moto G8 Power is already listed on the world's largest e-commerce platform, even though technically its manufacturer has yet to formally unveil the 6.4-inch device. Prior to this completely unexpected confirmation, we were just about certain the Moto G8, G8 Power, and G Stylus would see daylight in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress later this month, but now we're starting to think Motorola might release the mid-range trio sooner than that.

High-quality images galore, several key specs set in stone

Right off the bat, we should mention the Moto G8 Power can't actually be purchased or pre-ordered from Amazon UK just yet. Instead, the phone shows up as "currently unavailable", with no release date or price point listed.

There's a good chance the "capri blue" and "smoke black" webpages will be brought offline at some point in anticipation of the handset's officially official announcement, but for the time being, you can check out the two color options in a bunch of high-resolution product renders.

As revealed in several rounds of leaked images, the G8 Power comes with a "zero-notch" display, a small punch hole located in the top left corner to accommodate a single selfie shooter, a relatively slim chin, and no less than four cameras mounted on the phone's back alongside a Motorola "batwing" logo hiding a conventional fingerprint scanner.

A 5,000 mAh battery purportedly capable of keeping the lights on for up to three days (!!!) on a single charge will obviously be the key selling point here, but the Moto G8 Power is also expected to substantially upgrade some of the G7 Power's decidedly mediocre specs. We're talking a Full HD+ screen with a resolution of around 2,300 x 1,080 pixels, up from an HD+ panel sporting a 1,570 x 720 pixel count, as well as a more than respectable Snapdragon 665 processor under the hood.

Amazon's premature listing also confirms a decent 4GB RAM count paired with 64 gigs of internal storage space, as well as dual Dolby-tuned stereo speakers, dual SIM support, a 16MP main rear-facing camera, a 2MP macro lens, and of course, Android 10 software offered out the box.

Other expected specs and features

For some reason, Amazon leaves some essential information out of the Moto G8 Power description, but seeing as how everything else that XDA revealed a little while back is gaining traction, you can probably bet the farm on this phone sporting two 8MP rear-facing cameras in addition to the aforementioned 16 and 2MP imaging sensors, as well as a 25MP front-facing snapper with f/2.0 aperture.

By the way, the primary 16MP shooter is tipped to come with f/1.7 aperture, downgraded to f/2.2 for the macro lens and wide-angle 8MP camera, while the other 8MP sensor could offer f/2.4 aperture. Amazon further promotes the AI enhancements of this impressive-sounding (for a mid-ranger) quad camera system, while another important thing previously rumored was 18W fast charging technology improving on the 15W speeds of last year's big-battery G7 Power.

Unfortunately, we honestly have no idea how much the Moto G8 Power could cost when it eventually becomes available in the US, but gun to our head, we'd probably predict a $300 starting price. The G7 Power normally goes for 250 bucks, but with no less than three extra cameras, a significantly faster processor, more memory and storage, as well as a sharper screen, a $50 price hike is the least we can expect.
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