Metro by T-Mobile unveils killer Valentine's Day deals for both singles and couples

Metro by T-Mobile unveils killer Valentine's Day deals for both singles and couples
While it remains unclear what will happen to Sprint's various prepaid brands if the "Now Network" is not ultimately allowed to merge with T-Mobile, the "Un-carrier's" Metro subsidiary certainly has a bright future ahead of it.

Renamed Metro by T-Mobile back in 2018, the operator formerly known as MetroPCS routinely offers irresistible deals on popular phones and unlimited plans to stay ahead in the crowded and incredibly competitive prepaid carrier space. As if it wasn't enough that you can get two free handsets and a complimentary tablet with a network switch, as well as three unlimited lines of service with Amazon Prime included for a grand total of $100 a month, yet another killer promo will be kicked off tomorrow in anticipation of Valentine.

Ironically, this new special offer is designed to appeal to singles rather than couples, bundling unlimited service with a brand-new iPhone 7 for less than $100. We're obviously talking about a deal allowing you to own the 2016-released handset while requiring you to pay 40 bucks every 30 days for unlimited high-speed LTE data on T-Mobile's top-notch network.

$40 a month would typically only be enough for 10 gigs of high-speed data, mind you, with Metro's unlimited plans priced at $50 and up outside of promotional periods like this for a single line of service.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 normally starts at $99.99 for network switchers, which means you're looking at saving another cool 50 bucks with this hot new deal requiring you to cough up just $49.99 for the 4.7-inch oldie but goodie. 

The terms and conditions seem pretty straightforward, with eligible number port-ins not including those on T-Mobile or active on Metro by T-Mobile in the past 90 days. In addition to unlimited high-speed data, Metro promises your $40 plan will come with "no shared data, no speed caps, no data limits, no BS." Then again, that's probably not true for hotspot data. 

As far as couples go, it's worth highlighting that Metro has an iPhone 7 BOGO arrangement in the pipeline too. That's right, you will also be able to get not one but two iPhone 7 units for only $49.99 overall if you ditch your existing carrier and add a second line of service to your new Metro by T-Mobile account.

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