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The mid-range LG Velvet 5G will borrow an interesting feature from the V60 flagship

The mid-range LG Velvet 5G will borrow an interesting feature from the V60 flagship
LG is essentially pulling a OnePlus by adopting a decidedly unconventional marketing strategy in anticipation of its next big smartphone release. After teasing the eye-catching design of its mysterious upcoming handset and confirming a bold new name aimed at breaking the alphanumeric monotony of the G and V high-end lineups, the company straight up showcased the Velvet in a 30-second promotional video a few days ago.

Of course, that doesn't mean everything you need to know about this Snapdragon 765-powered upper mid-range device with 5G connectivity is already officially confirmed. But you can probably bet the farm on things like a fairly reasonable price point, Dual Screen support, and somewhat surprisingly, pen input.

That latter tidbit derives from a new Korean media report (translated here), which draws an interesting parallel to the V60 ThinQ. While LG never advertised the active pen support of its 6.8-inch flagship as a key selling point, the feature came to light when several reviewers and vloggers took a closer look at the handset's detailed spec sheet. As it turns out, you can use various Wacom styluses to take notes and even draw on both the main display and secondary screen of the V60.

Similarly, the LG Velvet 5G is expected to support third-party pens on its tall 21:9 primary screen and the extra display you'll be able to easily attach to the impending device using a special case. 

To be perfectly clear, the Velvet will not come with its own stylus as standard, and the features of supported third-party writing accessories will certainly not rival the capabilities of Samsung's iconic S Pens bundled by default with its Galaxy Note-series phones.

Meanwhile, the Dual Screen case is unsurprisingly expected to look very similar to the one you can pair with the V60 ThinQ, as purportedly revealed by a little-known Twitter tipster. This same unverified source claims the LG Velvet 5G could fetch as little as the equivalent of around $550 in markets like Vietnam, which sounds pretty great for a handset rumored to pack at least 6 gigs of memory, as well as a 4,000mAh or so battery, and a triple rear-facing camera system including a 48MP primary sensor.
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