Android Pie update arrives for US unlocked LG Stylo 4 and AT&T-locked Stylo 4+

Android Pie update arrives for US unlocked LG Stylo 4 and AT&T-locked Stylo 4+
There aren't a lot of affordable pen-wielding smartphones around, so even though the LG Stylo 5 looked awfully familiar when it started selling in the US a few months ago, bargain hunters sure paid the refreshed 6.2-incher a fair amount of attention.

The reason the new mid-range handset looked so familiar, of course, was last year's Stylo 4. Apart from a small battery size increase and a software update, LG made no changes whatsoever, which meant the old model was not to be ignored. That's even more true now that both the US unlocked and Amazon-specific versions of the LG Stylo 4 are reportedly receiving official Android 9.0 makeovers.

LG Stylo 4 Android Pie update

You should be able to pull the hefty Pie-flavored goodie packs over-the-air, according to the folks over at MyLGPhones, but if that's not possible just yet, you can also try to download and install the update manually using the LG Bridge tool for Windows PCs or Macs. Meanwhile, AT&T is confirming its own Android Pie rollout for the slightly better LG Stylo 4+, which apparently tips the scales at more than 1.2 gigs, also including September security patches.

That leaves LG Stylo 4 owners on T-Mobile and Sprint waiting for their invitations to the Pie tasting party. Curiously enough, the "Un-carrier" has recently started updating the far less popular LG Q7+ mid-ranger, while Sprint has yet to deliver Android 9.0 enhancements to the high-end V40 ThinQ, G7 ThinQ, or V30. Speaking of the company's flagships, it's also worth pointing out that the unlocked G7 ThinQ and V30 haven't been promoted to Android Pie in the US either.

In case you're wondering, AT&T's LG Stylo 4+ has a water-resistant build and 16MP rear-facing camera going for it while currently fetching $300, with the unlocked Stylo 4 available from Best Buy starting at $200 while featuring a 13MP shooter and no water or dust protection.

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