Here's how Android apps will work on rollable phones, including LG's

Here's how Android apps will work on rollable phones, including LG's
Foldable smartphones have dominated the headlines in recent months but, with the arrival of rollable devices, that looks set to change next year. Now, a short video previews one important aspect of them.

Android apps automatically adjust to rollable displays

A new update to the Android emulator inside Google’s Android Studio has added support for a 7.4-inch rollable smartphone. When rolled out, the screen boasts a 2428 x 1600p resolution, but if you’re looking for a smaller size, the device also gives you the option of using it as a traditional smartphone. In that case, the resolution stands at 2428 x 1080p, which is a pretty tall aspect ratio.

In addition to these options, there is an intermediate display setting too. It’s designed for when you want something that’s neither too big nor too small and offers a 2428 x 1366p resolution.

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More importantly, the emulator update provides a glimpse at the UI that can be expected on upcoming rollable smartphones. It also shows off apps interacting with the display, confirming that they will automatically adapt to the size and aspect ratio like most modern websites. 

Google's latest emulator acts as a general preview and isn't related to a specific device. However, the newly adapted UI does form the basis of several upcoming devices including LG's first rollable smartphone.

The South Korean company is expected to unveil the world’s first commercially available rollable smartphone in March 2021. Reports suggest it’ll be called the LG Rollable or LG Slide.
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