LG G8 ThinQ gets a domestic price that should make US bargain hunters very happy

LG G8 ThinQ gets a domestic price that should make US bargain hunters very happy
LG might be a couple of steps behind arch-rival Samsung in terms of new flagship phone availability, but the mobile industry underdog has something up its sleeve that could well offset the late release of the G8 ThinQ compared to the Galaxy S10 family. Formally unveiled a couple of weeks back, the LG G8 ThinQ is still not quite ready for primetime, but pre-orders are now officially scheduled to begin on Friday, March 15, closing six days later ahead of an actual commercial rollout on the 22nd.

Unfortunately, we're only talking about the company's domestic South Korean market here. On the decidedly bright side of things, LG says it has lowered the starting price of its previous G-series flagship while upgrading the performance for the G8 ThinQ. Of course, LG couldn't afford to drastically reduce the price of an already not-so-expensive G7 ThinQ. The latter made its regional debut at 898,700 won, with the LG G8 ThinQ now officially priced at KRW 897,600.

What does that mean for the US market?

In short, it's good news. Basically, this is the indirect confirmation we needed to expect a US price tag around the Galaxy S10e mark rather than the "regular" S10. 897,600 won converts to a little over $790 right now, while an unlocked GS10e costs $750 stateside. But obviously, that's not always how prices "translate" from region to region. For instance, the LG G7 ThinQ was slapped with a $750 US tag after starting at a slightly higher price than the G8 in its homeland.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S10e fetches the rough equivalent of $795 in Korea, but only $750 in the US. Bottom line, it looks pretty much guaranteed that the LG G8 ThinQ will be positioned against the "entry-level" S10 configuration at $750 or less. Unfortunately, that also means Android power users may have to wait a few more months for the 5G-enabled V50 ThinQ to go after the Galaxy S10, S10+... and Galaxy S10 5G.

Then again, just like the Galaxy S10e, the LG G8 ThinQ is no pushover by any standards. The "notched" 6.1-incher has a state-of-the-art Snapdragon 855 processor under the hood, as well as 6GB RAM, 128 gigs of internal storage space, and a generous 3,500 mAh battery. Its most original selling points are an OLED display that essentially doubles as an earpiece and "hand vein" recognition. Oh, and there's also one of those fancy ToF (time-of-flight) sensors in tow that both the Galaxy S10 and S10e are missing. 

Korea-only goodies?

Before getting too excited, we should mention the model you see pictured here in a snazzy red paint job appears to be exclusive to Korea. Everywhere else, the rear-facing camera setup will be downgraded from a triple lens to a dual lens affair. Fortunately, we know better than to judge a phone's imaging prowess simply by the number of its photographic sensors. Still, you'll have to wait for our in-depth review to see how the primary 12MP camera and secondary 16MP wide-angle lens actually perform in real life.

It's unclear if this little compromise means we should expect an even lower price point in the US. But if LG somehow manages to keep that down to around $700, the company might finally have a big winner on its hands. Especially if the Second Year Promise program gets an extension to also include the G8 ThinQ. On a related note, LG seems to be offering free one-year screen replacements in Korea in cases of accidental damage, which is another contributing factor to an amazing bang for buck package. Let's keep our fingers crossed that's coming to the US as well. 

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G8 ThinQ
  • Display 6.1" 1440 x 3120 pixels
  • Camera 12 MP / 8 MP front
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, Octa-core, 2840 MHz
  • Storage 128 GB + microSDXC
  • Battery 3500 mAh(22h talk time)



1. Sparkxster

Posts: 1228; Member since: Mar 31, 2017

Tempted to upgrade to the G8 thinq.

2. hazard1

Posts: 236; Member since: Feb 11, 2017

So, the G8 was announced in February and will be launched in April (or late March) in the US, with the international version a downgrade of the Korean version? Do they ever learn? It is likely a decent phone, but LG is again shooting themselves in the foot (though, if true, the lower price should help). I hope they sell well in South Korea. Right now, there are several phones I would choose over the G8, including 2018 models.

3. A_A_A

Posts: 222; Member since: Jan 23, 2017

Irrespective of price this back panel fingerprint scanner looks cheapish, primitive and outdated, reminding some $200 chieneese phones. Not to say it's very inconvenient. If LG didn't have in screen FP ready, they should have used side mounted one. With this oudated desing decision there is absolutely no hope for this phone. And even lowest possible price won't help it. Huge and unforgivable mistake from LG management. Poor technical decision that will lead company to financial disaster.

4. DearSX

Posts: 17; Member since: Nov 12, 2015

I prefer the rear mount FPR in general. Work great even with dirty fingers on my G6. If the G8 is 5g ready and goes on sale, I may just bite. Quad DAC a big plus for me.

5. Venom

Posts: 3541; Member since: Dec 14, 2017

I don't think it matters in the end. With it being an LG phone it's already DoA. LG phones depreciate very quickly. By the end of the year, it will be another bargain bin phone.

6. BuffaloSouce unregistered

You act like that's a bad thing. For the company maybe but the comsumed won't be complaining

9. cheetah2k

Posts: 2254; Member since: Jan 16, 2011

Fully agree. Bought a V30+ for AUD999 and 2 months later they were AUD$650.. Meh.. I'm guessing the 2019 phones come with added bootloop just for fun

11. HarysViewty

Posts: 62; Member since: Apr 04, 2015

So your precious v30+ (or LG pixel 2 xl) came with bootloop feature? Stop talking bulls**t

13. Venom

Posts: 3541; Member since: Dec 14, 2017

So how about addressing what he said instead of being stuck in a salt pit with that mean guy.

7. Paximos

Posts: 282; Member since: Jul 26, 2012

When it comes to price, what is the threshold for you bloggers?...Nothing is expensive for you and you always justify the prices from OEMs. I really think you guys are paid to do that.

8. cheetah2k

Posts: 2254; Member since: Jan 16, 2011

Small battery. fail. LG need to grab that sword and just stab themselves through the eye

12. HarysViewty

Posts: 62; Member since: Apr 04, 2015

Your v30+, was a battery champion with its 3300mAh battery. This one is 3550mah, even bigger than S10E. Stop talking bulls**t

15. GoTstan

Posts: 386; Member since: Jul 25, 2015

Dude, it's bigger than the s10e by 400mah, and it's on par with the s9 plus. You make it sound like it's less than 3000mah

14. Voodooman

Posts: 26; Member since: Oct 20, 2017

In-display fingerprint scanner is not ready yet. Instead of that, LG has been using the knock-on code, which is fast and accurate. G8 is my next phone. Apart from all its other pros, you can't find a flagship with FM radio these days. I do not like the fact that the international version won't have the telephoto lens, but I can live with that.

16. GoTstan

Posts: 386; Member since: Jul 25, 2015

Under screen fps does nothing for me, since it's only in one spot to use it. When you can touch the screen anywhere and it unlocks, then we're talking

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