Lenovo Smart Tab P10 scores 49 percent discount with tablet and smart display functionality

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Lenovo Smart Tab P10 scores 49 percent discount with tablet and smart display functionality
In a market comfortably dominated by Apple, it seems like we rarely talk about Android tablets nowadays outside the context of massive discounts routinely offered by companies like Amazon or the occasional semi-interesting Samsung release. But Huawei and Lenovo also make relatively popular slates based on Google's mobile OS, and we're here to talk to you today about... a massive discount on one of the latter brand's most recent and original products.

The Lenovo Smart Tab P10 is a hybrid of sorts, easily doubling as a so-called "smart display" with the help of a smart dock. When docked, the Android tablet essentially rivals the functionality of Amazon's second-gen Echo Show and the newly unveiled Nest Hub Max, allowing you to effortlessly interact with Alexa for hands-free smart home controls and thousands of other convenient use cases.

The dock contains a couple of 3W full-range speakers, as well as three far-field microphones, hearing your voice commands from across the room while streaming music in full Dolby Atmos-enhanced stereo glory. When undocked, the slate weighs in at 440 grams, packing a decidedly hefty 7,000 mAh battery and a relatively modest Snapdragon 450 processor. But in combination with a generous 4 gigs of memory and 64 gigs of internal storage space, the Lenovo Smart Tab P10 is on sale right now at an incredible 49 percent discount.
That means you're looking at colossal savings of around $172, although there's probably not a lot of time left to pull the trigger at this insanely low price. You already need to wait between one and two months for Amazon to deliver the substantially marked-down Smart Tab P10 units, which signals an imminent end to this killer deal. By the way, if you get this bad boy right now, you'll spend less on it than on the second-gen Echo Show, which you can't actually use as a conventional tablet.

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