iPhones aren’t as addicting to young adults as you may think

iPhones aren’t as addicting to young adults as you may think
Apple has been making some of the best smartphones on the market. Regardless of your choice for the best iPhone around, if you’ve ever used an Apple-branded device, you are surely familiar with why the company is so popular and important to the industry.

But while the infamous Apple ecosystem is one way of keeping users locked-in, one has to wonder if iPhones are doing anything beyond that to make themselves addicting? Well, CIRP — Consumer Intelligence Research Partners — has conducted some research in order to find that out.

And they’ve chosen an interesting means of doing so too: via asking respondents of different age groups to share how quickly they would replace their iPhone if something would happen to it. So do you think young people would be first in line?

Think again. As you can see from the image below, the respondents’ replies have been distributed into six age groups, starting from 18 and going beyond 65. From there, you can observe the quantity of similar responses, as marked in color.

Basically, the longer a colored bar in a specific age group row is, the more people responded with that answer. And lo and behold, it turns out that young adults and older folks would be the first in line for a swap, while post-teens don’t seem to be worried about it.

But is this all that shocking? In reality, iPhones are awesome for productivity and such make for great business phones, so it is possible that a large quantity of respondents would rush precisely because they need to, and not because they are addicted.

Likewise, the younger generation’s hesitance may be related to monetary reasons or something else. Overall, while the survey’s results are interesting, the lack of details here really stops us from making any sort of groundbreaking discovery. Naturally, CIRP themselves acknowledge this too.

All in all, if these results prove anything, it is that iPhones continue to be important to people from all age groups, and possibly due to very different reasons. Sure, texting and playing Fortnite is fun, but the iPhone’s capable of much, much more too.

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