The rumored iPhone 15 Ultra might be the priciest phone Apple has ever sold

The rumored iPhone 15 Ultra might be the priciest phone Apple has ever sold
Like it or not, by this point most of us have gotten used to the fact that flagship phones come with crazy price tags that sometimes seem outlandish compared to what we had to pay just a few years ago. One of the companies that were first to start this trend is now rumored to do the same yet again in 2023.

Of course, we are talking about Apple here, and more precisely the supposed iPhone 15 Ultra that is expected to be announced by the manufacturer next fall alongside the rest of the iPhone 15 series. Well-known and often accurate leaker LeaksApplePro has come out yet again to state that the new high-end flagship from Apple will cost more than the current one. He claims that the iPhone 15 Ultra will be either $1,199 or $1,299, which would make it $100 or $200 more expensive than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. (via HowToiSolve)

That being said, it is uncertain whether the "Ultra" model will replace the Pro Max, or if it will be added as a fifth option to Apple's phone lineup. In fact, it is not even a given that there will be a new high-end iPhone at all. After all, we have quite a bit of time left until September 2023. Not to mention that the iPhone 14 series was also rumored to come with a price hike but there was no difference in the prices compared to last year.

That being said, why would the iPhone 15 Ultra — if there really is one — would cost so much more? Well, the leaker speculates that the recently rumored titanium frame, as well as other new additions like a dual selfie camera, and the implementation of a USB-C Thunderbolt 4 port could all be part of the reason. He claims that it could cost Apple an extra $90 more to manufacture an iPhone 15 Ultra compared to an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Whatever the case might be, though, remember to not take all of this information too seriously, as we are quite early in the waiting game, so leaks and rumors tend to be even less accurate than usual. Stay tuned for more iPhone 15 Ultra stories!

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