iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max limit third-party app animations to 60Hz

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max limit third-party app animations to 60Hz
Apple has finally introduced high refresh rate displays this year on its smartphones but the feature, dubbed ProMotion by the company, is only available on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. The tech titan is still being a little stingy it seems, as reports are emerging that third-party apps are still limited to 60Hz.

Most older conventional smartphones have a 60Hz screen, which means the display is updated 60 times per second. Android smartphone makers, including OnePlus and Samsung, embraced the tech much earlier than Apple, and it's not uncommon to see midrange Android phones with a refresh rate above 60Hz now.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max flaunt what Apple calls a Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion and support an adaptive refresh rate that can go as high as 120Hz for a smoother, and more fluid and responsive experience, and can drop to 10Hz when a high refresh rate is not needed. 

A couple of developers who got their hands on the phones today have noticed that iOS 15.0 mostly limits third-party apps to 60Hz, reports 9to5Mac. The refresh rate only increases during scrolling and full-screen transitions. Other animations and custom elements cannot take advantage of the higher refresh rate and this only applies to third-party apps. That doesn't just sound discriminatory, but also leads to experience disparity. 

The iPad Pro, which got a 120Hz screen in 2017, doesn't apply the same limits to third-party apps. 

Apple may have taken this approach to preserve battery life, but that's just a theory. There is also a small possibility that this is a bug. A workaround apparently exists but it remains to be seen if Apple will approve it.

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