Apple rumored to release iOS 16.4.1 soon to exterminate bugs

Apple rumored to release iOS 16.4.1  soon to exterminate bugs
According to MacRumors, a source on Twitter who supposedly has a good track record (but who limits who can view his account) says that even though Apple has already released the first Beta for iOS 16.5, iOS 16.4.1 is on the way and will arrive either this week or next week. A minor update, as this one would be, is usually disseminated to exterminate some bugs and patch vulnerabilities.

Some of the bugs that iPhone users have been complaining about this week include the native Weather app widget which is itself "under the weather" as no data shows up on the widget. Literally, the words "No weather data" are appearing on the widget instead of the temperature and other data. While many iPhone users have been hoping that an update would be issued to fix this bug, it appears that according to Apple's System Status page, the native Weather app had the issue resolved on April 3rd.

Still, this doesn't preclude Apple from making any necessary changes to the native Weather app and the accompanying widget via an iOS update if necessary. Besides the native Weather app widget, another bug that might get fixed with the iOS 16.4.1 update is one making the rounds that force some iPhone users to re-enter their Wi-Fi passwords. Other bugs could be targeted by the update and we will have to wait for the release to see the changelist.

Since the update is being pushed out as an emergency designed to fix some software issues, there will be no beta versions of iOS 16.4.1. As for iOS 16.5, it will probably be released sometime in May and will give Siri the ability to start a screen recording. The update will also add a Sports tab in the Apple News app.

You can always check whether an update has arrived for your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Software Update. For the record, Apple released iOS 16.4 on March 27th. Among the new features is Voice Isolation for cellular calls" that when enabled, gets rid of ambient noises in the background of cellular calls in order to make them sound clearer.

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