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iPhone 4 gets disassembled for you to see

iPhone 4 gets disassembled for you to see
As you might recall, the Apple iPhone 4's construction was touted as a great technological achievement, and the manufacturer didn't miss to recap that in its promo video.

Now, the guys and gals at iFixit have taken their time to tear the hot device down, and see for themselves if it's build is really that great. The article they've put together is quite extensive and focuses on a lot of details, but some particular aspects managed to grab our attention. Here they are:

  • The iPhone 4 is indeed a great piece of engineering! Hey, don't look at us - they say it!
  • As in the iPhone 2G, the LCD panel is glued to the digitizer and glass, so if you break the glass, you'll have to replace all three components. Let's hope that glass will turn out durable enough (although there are some reports that it isn't quite there).
  • On the other hand, the battery is no longer soldered to the logic board (Apple's way to say motherboard), but still, we would recommend that you do not attempt to replace it.

Other stuff that can be seen inside the iPhone 4 is what one would expect actually - the almighty A4 chip, 512MB RAM (double that of the iPad and iPhone 3GS), a giant 1420mAh Li-Polymer battery, etc.

Expect our Apple iPhone 4 Review soon!

Apple iPhone 4 Specifications

source: iFixit


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