iPhone 4 glass put to the test

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iPhone 4 glass put to the test
With the unveiling of the iPhone 4, Apple released a manufacturing video, which included footage of the screen testing procedures before assembly. The glass flexed like a piece of plastic there, and the point was to put to sleep any durability suspicions. In fact, Apple claims that this same type of aluminosilicate glass is more than 30 times harder than regular plastic, and used in choppers and fast trains' windshields.

The iPhone part replacement service iFixYouri claims to have obtained an original iPhone 4 shell (without the board innards, that is), and exposed it to a DIY durability test. These guys were obviously curious to see what new business the iPhone 4 might bring their way, so they dropped the Apple-made gadget a few times with evil intentions. On the third fall the screen glass gave up the ghost and cracked into pieces. Their point was that although quite resistant to bending, this glass is still vulnerable to sudden impact.

They also make the interesting observation that unlike its predecessors, the new iPhone 4 has the screen a tad above the steel bezel, resulting in less protection for it. We can't vouch wholeheartedly for the credibility of the test however, since the phone wasn't the real deal. That's why we would prefer to stay put for now on the new steel-and-glass iPhone 4 construction durability until someone tests a normal production unit.

source: iFixyouri via TechTicker



1. matistight

Posts: 986; Member since: May 13, 2009

So it's a regular iphone??? Come on, it's glass, it'll break...

3. DonkeyPunched

Posts: 321; Member since: Jan 10, 2010

Considering how they had a video of the glass bending...I would really think that the glass wouldn't crack like that...I think we should just wait and see because I'm not sure if any of the iPhones, that weren't the prototype found in the bar, were actually real. I think they were replicas or just bodies, but I don't think they were all the real deal. Who knows though. I was actually amazed that glass can bend haha...

4. JeffdaBeat unregistered

Ordinarily, I'd be cautious about the iPhone...but I don't think Apple would put out a phone made almost entirely of glass and not have it so it could resist a fall. Otherwise, I think they would have gone in the complete opposite direction. Apple's main concern is making their customers happy and one of the biggest fears people have with the iPhone is cracking that screen. I don't think Apple would have lined the front AND back with the same glass if they didn't think it could stand up to normal wear and tear. This is probably going to be the first iPhone that you don't need a case for.

9. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

i havent seen the video of the bending glass, but was it of just a piece of glass by itself bending or in an actual iphone shell? There would be quite a bit of difference then if it was glass by itself as it would be able to bend and resist better. In a shell its glued and/or screwed into a hard place, killing its ability to flex and therefore increasing vibration damage because it cant take the pressure as well. There would be many factors in the difference between the naked glass and an actual iphone shell that would make the shell way more prone to breaking than the naked glass. lol, concidering this was one of the first things i brought up as a concern, im not suprized. i think its a huge design flaw and they better correct their stance on regular insurance quickly or they will have some serious backlash by pissed consumers.

10. rfrapp

Posts: 77; Member since: Jun 10, 2010

@JeffdaBeat I'm afraid you are sadly mistaken. Apple could care less if their customers are happy. If they care so much about their customers, then why are they not satisfying customers with one of the most wanted features for the iphone: Flash player. I'm sorry, but Apple is making flashy claims so they don't have to put flash on their device. All of Apple's reasons for not putting flash on the Iphone were complete bull crap. And everything that Apple adds to the Iphone can be done on a jailbreak. Like multitasking for example. Now developers have to program multitasking into their apps, but with a jailbreak there was no programming needed.

2. AntiPhone

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 10, 2010

Note that its the first time Apple SELL a case for the iphone and its named BUMPER ;)

5. jeremy144

Posts: 2; Member since: Jun 09, 2009

Wait, glass breaks. Shut the F-up. This just in, eating too much fat makes you fat.

15. jsnika

Posts: 16; Member since: Jul 23, 2008


6. Truth

Posts: 62; Member since: Jul 15, 2009

Apple claimed that the first gen Ipod Nano had the strongest glass at the time. Years later Apple settles a class action lawsuit about the glass scratching when clothing or anything came into contact with it. Those owners got a Apple Ipod Nano sock or I believe $10. Sad and slow means of compensating consumers. More of Apple tooting their own horn. They are not the best in desigining hardware durability.

7. Mateo8326

Posts: 472; Member since: Jul 15, 2009

The blackberry bold 9000 is the most durable phone i ever had til this day my girlfriend threw this bad boy at least 5 times across the room hitting walls, kitchen counters, etc and it still doesn't have a dent some scratch and scraps but works like it brand new still....lol

12. ajmoore88

Posts: 25; Member since: Apr 13, 2008

Sounds like you need a replacement...girlfriend

8. Phullofphil

Posts: 1789; Member since: Feb 10, 2009

Its probably the same type of glass thats on the moto droid. Glass is glass and it will break eventually. The other thing is whats the bend test got to do with anything. Who is going top bend there iphone without breaking something else in it. It was just a gimmick for sales point. A drop test is the most reliable way. I Have had phones like the omnia and now the droid that i have dropped numurious times on everything that you can dropp something on and the times they did break was when well my droid fell a certian way and hit just right. My omnia with a plastic touch screen actually has more duribility because it sat a little abouve the lcd. I think the best think would be to make the top glass easier to replace and breaking it would not be as big a deal.

11. solidkevin unregistered

WOW! I never KNEW glass......BREAKS! What an amazing advancement!

13. becazican unregistered

okay why did phone arena even post this, what a stupid article, first this so called iphone was tested and we dropped it 3 times and the third time it broke but we are not saying anything because this might not be the real iphone, what idiots. I have a droid, the glass is almost indestructible, almost, i dont drop it on purpose, its electronic device they need to be handled with care and yes if you put a phone in your back pocket and you sit on it you deserve an a** full of glass

16. matistight

Posts: 986; Member since: May 13, 2009

Regarding the droid lens, oh it will break, we get alot of people with broken lens at our store

14. wade1968

Posts: 224; Member since: Apr 12, 2010

lol there is a web video out there where some guy is beating the crap out of the new Iphone with a pen and the glass doesn't break. check tekhseven.com for the video.

17. pa_v unregistered

Yes, it's very nice that the screen is scratch resistant. Bravo. So the glass is tough. That's good, but what's more likely: that someone tries to snap your iPhone 4 in two with his bare hands, or that you drop the phone on the ground? And how many drops can it take? Be realistic, I have dropped my old brick (candybar) phone on the ground more times than I remember, and it works fine, no screen shattered, just scratches. Drop that overpriced gadget 3 times and then go cry to Apple for the warranty.

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