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How to watch Microsoft's big Surface Pro 7 launch event live


It's hard to get as excited about tablets nowadays as a few years back seeing how global sales continue to contract at a worrying pace, but Microsoft has nonetheless managed to generate pretty impressive buzz for its Surface announcement event later today.

Of course, the company's 2-in-1 devices are anything but ordinary tablets, effortlessly switching to full laptop mode for a nice productivity boost whenever needed. Furthermore, we expect an upgraded Surface Laptop in two sizes and an Apple-style "one more thing" to be unveiled in New York City starting at 10 am ET today, October 2.

If you're curious to see the Surface Pro 7, Surface Campus, and that mysterious dual-screen Surface in action before they're actually released, you can do so on Twitter, as well as on Microsoft's own website at this link here. It's not clear if the NYC shindig will also be live-streamed on YouTube, but if that turns out to be the case, we'll make sure to update this article for your viewing pleasure and convenience.

Circling back to the products tipped for an official October 2 launch, we should highlight the Surface Campus name is new in the rumor mill. Revealed by none other than Evan Blass after already leaking high-quality renders of both the Surface Pro 7 and a previously unnamed ARM-powered new Surface, the... interesting moniker will apparently designate the latter device, which seems to be overall thinner and sleeker than its "Pro" cousin with 10th Generation Intel processors inside.

As far as that almost mythical dual-screen Surface is concerned, Blass claims it will run Windows 10X on the software side of things. That's allegedly a new version of Microsoft's main software platform designed for "dual- and folding-screen devices" with support for desktop applications in "containers." We're not exactly sure what that means, but we're definitely intrigued.

If you feel the same way, don't forget to tune in live at 10 am EDT, 7 am PDT, 3 pm CET, 2 pm GMT, 10 pm CST, or 7:30 pm IST. 
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