Google may remove YouTube TV service from Roku streaming devices

Google may remove YouTube TV service from Roku streaming devices
Google and Roku seem to be unable to reach an agreement that will see YouTube TV continue to be available on the streaming platform going forward. Roku recently made a couple of bold statements that target Google and even sent emails to its customers warning them that negotiations between the two companies might fail.

In the email, Roku states that while Google doesn't want more money for the agreement to go through, it did propose terms that are “unfair and anti-competitive requirements to manipulate your search results, impact the usage of your data and ultimately cost you more.”

A Roku spokesperson told Gizmodo that Google may revoke customers' access to YouTube TV on the streaming platform and that his company is still trying to reach an agreement.

Meanwhile, Google claims that it's been working with Roku “in good faith” and that it's disappointed that the latter decided to jump the gun and tell customers that they may lose access to YouTube TV while negotiations are underway.

This feels like a standard feud between two big companies that are trying the manipulate customers to their benefit. Unfortunately, we don't know what exactly Google is asking Roku so that YouTube TV would remain accessible on the platform, but it's worth noting that this is not the first time that Roku engages in these types of tactics in their negotiations.
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