Pixel 6a could miss out on Pixel 6's fun Motion Mode feature

Pixel 6a could miss out on Pixel 6's artistic Motion Mode feature
It's not unusual for Google to port features that debuted on a new device to older phones. Thus, it may disappoint some fans to hear that the forthcoming Pixel 6a might not offer the Motion Mode feature.

Motion mode adds blurs to moving elements in still images. It comes with two options: long exposure, which blurs the moving part, and action pan, which applies a blur effect to the background. XDA Developers reports that developer Kuba Wojciechowski and the outlet's former editor Mishaal Rahman may have found evidence that indicates the Pixel 6a will lack this feature.

Software can only go so far

The code for displaying Pixel Tips about Motion Mode has excluded a device codenamed "bluejay," which is said to be the identifier for the Pixel 6a. Google's hands could be tied because the phone will apparently not be equipped with Pixel 6's 50 MP main camera. It will instead stick with the 12.2MP primary sensor that is on Pixel phones from 3a to 5a. It looks like Motion Mode needs a higher-resolution sensor to work.

The Pixel 6a apparently has other things going for it though. For instance, it's likely to get Pixel 6's 12MP ultrawide sensor as well as its 8MP front camera, and this could make it the best budget phone of 2022.

The phone is also likely to have the same overall design as the Pixel 6 and will sport a 6.2-inches screen. It will run on the same Tensor chip as the Pixel 6 duo and recently leaked benchmark scores indicate that it might actually be faster than the Pixel 6.

The phone will likely be available in black, white, and green, and Google will lift the lid on the new phone in May. It will allegedly not go on sale immediately though, but the good news is that it will probably be more widely available than Google's Pixel 5a which was only sold in the US and Japan.

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