Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 pre-order deals to expect

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 pre-order deals to expect
Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 6 Unpacked event is coming up soon! The event is rumored to happen on July 10, 2024, in Paris, France. It will be the time when the public will finally get to see Samsung's upcoming big foldable phone.

As with any other foldable, the Z Fold 6 will almost certainly be rather expensive. But that doesn't mean you'll have to wait until Black Friday to save big on the upcoming Samsung phone. We expect many deals from the official store, plus carrier offers from Verizon, T-Mobile, and more. Naturally, Amazon and other merchants will also join in the fun, competing for your attention with their own offers on the new handset.

So, if you want to know what to expect when the new foldable finally sees the dawn of day, stay with us! And in case you don't feel like waiting for the next Galaxy foldable experience, consider getting the Z Fold 5. This one is deeply discounted, giving you more bang for your buck.

Galaxy Z Fold 5, 256GB is $400 off at Amazon

Right now, Amazon sells the Galaxy Z Fold 5 with 256GB of storage for $400 off its price tag. The larger-sized storage version boasts the same $400 discount.

Galaxy Z Fold 5 (256GB): now up to $800 off with a trade-in

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 with 256GB of storage is available at up to $800 off with a trade-in at the official Samsung store. Right now, no discounts are available without a trade-in.
$999 99
$1799 99
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Starting Z Fold 6 price

Since the Unpacked event is still some time away, we don't have conclusive information about just how much the new Z Fold 6 will cost. One promising leak warns about possible price hikes across all storage configurations, with the base 256GB model starting at $1,899.99. While that's undoubtedly quite pricey, we should note that even keeping the current starting price won't be more affordable. As you probably know, the Z Fold 5 starts at $1,799.99.

Then again, the official store tends to offer great discounts right off the bat. There might be free storage upgrade offers, reservation bonuses, and other tempting things to make buying the new Z Fold 6 a more bearable investment.

Should you participate in the Samsung early reservation program?

In case you don’t know, Samsung often launches an early reservation program for its upcoming devices. It usually happens before the Unpacked event itself and gives users a $50 Samsung Credit. Once pre-orders start, you’ll get the chance to use this credit as a discount for accessories or (possibly) the phone itself.

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While this campaign usually lasts only for a short while, Samsung kept its $50 Credit even when pre-orders for the S24 lineup began. While we can’t be sure whether this will be the case with the Z Fold 6, getting the discount post-reservation would undoubtedly be cool.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 pre-order deals at Samsung

Like every other Galaxy phone, we expect the best pre-order deals for the Z Fold 6 to come straight from Samsung. Once the phone is up for pre-order, you’ll most likely get a free storage upgrade available at the official store.

Usually, trade-in deals are also available as soon as pre-orders start, so we’re definitely expecting those. If we are to judge from the Z Fold 5 pre-order campaign, trade-in bonuses will probably amount to up to $1,000 on eligible devices.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 pre-order deals at online merchants

Of course, it won’t be just offering pre-orders on unlocked versions of the upcoming Z Fold 6. The smartphone will be available for pre-order at major online sellers, such as Amazon and Best Buy.

  •  Z Fold 6 Amazon pre-order deals

Last year’s pre-order campaign at Amazon saw the Z Fold 5 with a $200 Gift Card plus a free storage upgrade. We don’t know if the storage upgrade will apply this year, but we’ll most certainly have the $200 Gift Card with Amazon pre-orders on the Z Fold 6.

  • Galaxy Z Fold 6 pre-order deals at Best Buy

The Z Fold 6 will probably be available for pre-order at Best Buy as well. We expect deals here to be similar to what Amazon offers, meaning there’ll most likely be a $200 Gift Card attached to the phone.

Usually, Best Buy also allows trade-ins for those who want to save even more. We should note, however, that we’re not 100% positive whether this extra savings opportunity will go live once pre-orders begin. Additionally, there may also be storage upgrades available during the pre-order campaign.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 pre-order deals at Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile

If you’re a Verizon subscriber, a T-Mobile user, or trust AT&T to be your carrier, you’re in luck! All of these carriers will most likely launch their own pre-order campaigns for Samsung’s upcoming foldable perfection.

  • Verizon Pre-order deals on Z Fold 6

According to last year’s pre-order campaign, Verizon will most likely offer this year’s big foldable at up to $1,000 off with qualified trade-ins and select Verizon plans.

  • Galaxy Z Fold 6 pre-order deals at T-Mobile will most likely let you pre-order your hot new Z Fold 6 with a T-Mobile plan. If history is any indication, you should be able to get up to $1,000 off with a new line activation and a trade-in. It’s a given that you’d most likely have to pick from one of several select plans to claim T-Mobile’s pre-order deal for the foldable phone.

  • AT&T pre-order deals on Galaxy Z Fold 6

AT&T's pre-order deal on the Z Fold 6 might include a free storage upgrade, a trade-in bonus of up to $1,000 on select phones, and an eligible plan. At this point, it’s too early to determine whether the AT&T pre-order deal will require new line activation or will apply to upgrades as well.

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