Galaxy Z Flip 6: what deals and reservation bonuses to expect

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Galaxy Z Flip 6: what deals and reservation bonuses to expect
The Galaxy Z Flip 6 may be just around the corner, with rumors suggesting an announcement on July 10th. While nothing is official yet, we are confident of two things: first, this phone will deliver incredible performance, and second, it will come with a price tag that will make your bank account shed heavy tears.

Galaxy Z Flip 5, 256GB: save $172 off at Amazon

Select Galaxy Z Flip 5 arrive at $172 off on Amazon. The flip phone with 256GB of storage is available at lower prices, while no discounts are available on the 512GB model.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 is up to $500 off with trade-in at Samsung

You can trade in your old phone to get a Galaxy Z Flip 5 trade-in discount of up to $500 at the official store. Having a Samsung Offer Programs membership helps you unlock extra savings.
$499 99
$999 99
Buy at Samsung

If you're thinking about upgrading or wanting to experience the foldable lifestyle, you'll likely want to snag Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 6 at the best price possible. This is where we come in.

In this article, we'll list all the best Galaxy Z Flip 6 when they start popping up after its announcement. That's why we strongly recommend adding this page to your favorites to stay up to date with the top deals on the new Galaxy Z Flip 6.

Curious about what kind of pre-order sales on the Galaxy Z Flip 6 you can expect? Below, you'll find our predictions on the pre-order offers the Galaxy Z Flip 6 may receive after its announcement.

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Galaxy Z Flip 6 deals at Samsung

Like any other year, the best place to purchase your Galaxy Z Flip 6 will likely be Samsung itself. The company usually offers a sweet reservation bonus of $50 in Samsung credit during the phone's reservation period. This credit can be used towards buying a fancy accessory.

That being said, last year, Samsung allowed Galaxy Z Flip 5 buyers to apply the credit towards the phone itself, further reducing the price. We hope for a similar offer this year as well.

When the pre-order period kicks off, Samsung will probably offer a free storage upgrade, meaning getting the 512GB storage option for the price of the 256GB model. There will most likely also be a gorgeous trade-in discount. For instance, last year, Galaxy Z Flip 5 shoppers were able to save up to $900 in instant credit with an eligible trade-in. Moreover, Samsung offered an additional $100 discount through its Offer Programs, and we expect to see something similar for the Galaxy Z Flip 6 as well.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 deals at Amazon and Best Buy

Retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy are also likely to offer sweet pre-order deals on the new Galaxy Z Flip 6. We expect the phone to be available with a free storage upgrade, just like last year. Furthermore, Amazon and Best Buy will surely toss in a free gift card. Last year, Amazon offered a $150 gift card with the purchase of the Galaxy Z Flip 5, while Best Buy provided a slightly more modest $120 gift card.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 deals at carriers

Of course, we are sure all major carriers will join the Galaxy Z Flip 6 pre-order fun as well. We anticipate the phone to be available with a free storage upgrade at AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. In addition, the carriers will probably offer up to $1000 in bill credits over 36 months if you purchase the Galaxy Z Flip 6 with an eligible trade-in and sign up for a qualified unlimited plan.

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