Galaxy Z Flip 5 colors: all the official hues

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Z Flip 5 colors
A beautiful flagship foldable with an eye-catching clamshell design. It's the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Samsung's current clamshell fodlable, unveiled in the summer of 2023. The Flip 5 was unveiled alongside its bigger sibling, the powerhouse Z Fold 5. We now have a refined design to the clamshell phone, improved hinge, and four gorgeous colors to choose from.

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In this article, we're discussing the color options that Samsung has for us with the Z Flip 5. The South Korean company has always paid attention to the looks of its devices, not just to what's under the hood. Franky, the company is exceptional with phone design. For Samsung, it doesn't matter if we're talking flagship, mid-range, or even affordable phones design - they all look gorgeous.

Now, let's focus back on the Flip and dive into the colors that this beautiful phone is available in!

What colors is the Galaxy Z Flip 5 available in?

Samsung has four main colors for the Z Flip 5: Cream, Graphite, Mint, and Lavender. If you purchase directly from, you can also choose one of four exclusive colors: Gray, Blue, Green, orYellow.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 colors (main colors)
  • Cream
  • Graphite
  • Lavender
  • Mint

Galaxy Z Flip 5 colors (online exclusive):
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow

Galaxy Z Flip 5 colors: all the official hues

Galaxy Z Flip 5 in Lavender

Here's a color that will attract the attention of people looking for a fresh and youthful feel about their new phone. The Z Flip is also coming in a light pink shade that is officially called Lavender. Samsung has a long history with pink/violet shades, so the company does have experience on how to make this look really good.

Last year, Samsung went for a color called Bora Purple for the Z Flip 4. This color is more on the violet side than the pink one. The Z Flip 3 was available in a Lavender color - another pink/violet shade. Other Galaxy phones have also sported a pink look, including the flagship Galaxy S23.

The Lavender on the Z Flip 5 is interesting enough without being too into your face, it's a subdued purple/pink color that has a matching lavender frame.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 in Mint

The light green color option for the Z Flip 5 - called Mint - is another fresh and youthful shade. Samsung has been doing variants of green for its flagship and mid-range phones as well in the past few years. However, the green variants the company's made so far weren't exactly like this year's Mint.
This color option is indeed fresh, very light, and gorgeous, and looks ideal for anyone who wants a refreshing and interesting foldable. A similar minty shade is also found on the frame of the phone for a cohesive look.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 in Cream

The Z Flip 5's predecessor, the Z Flip 4, sports a somewhat similar color - pink gold. Actually, in certain lighting conditions, the pink gold option of the Flip 4 looks quite like the cream color.

The shade is matte, with a similarly painted frame to match. For one, the clamshell foldable looks great in this color option, quite jewel-like and polished.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 in Graphite

That one's pretty straightforward. The Z Flip 5 in Graphite looks like the Graphite for the Z Flip 4 (of course, we're not talking about the differences in design, just the color option). The dark gray shade looks almost like black in darker environments and looks more grayish in the sunlight.

That's a color option for a more business look, a classic for those of you who want nothing to do with shiny or bold colors on phones. The Z Flip 5 is bold enough already thanks to its foldable form factor, so a grey Z Flip 5 doesn't boring at all.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 Online Exclusive colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, and Gray

There are four colors that are available for the Z Flip 5 if you purchase directly from Those are Blue, Green, Yellow, and Gray.

That's a tradition - each year Samsung is offering exclusive colors to its foldables (and other flagships) if you purchase from Those color options feature a dark frame which makes them stand out.

You get more of an urban feel with these ones.

These exclusive colors bring even more character to the Z Flip 5, and it will stand out even more than the regular colors, especially if you're into that urban fancy look.

Conclusion: the Z Flip 5 is a looker

As you can tell, the Z Flip 5's color options this year aren't particularly surprising. They're all fairly typical for Samsung, though they maintain that signature gorgeous and premium look we've come to expect. Perhaps down the line, we'll also see the return of the Bespoke edition, allowing you to customize their Z Flip 5 with unique color combinations for an even more personal twist.

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