For the first time, more Galaxy S24 buyers gave their phone a 5-star rating than iPhone 15 buyers

For the first time, more Galaxy S24 buyers gave their phone a 5-star rating than iPhone 15 buyers
According to PerfectRec (via BGR), early customer reviews for the recently released Galaxy S24 flagship series have been outstanding with high levels of customer satisfaction. The reviews are so good that for the first time, satisfaction rankings for the latest Galaxy S models top those of the most recently released iPhone series. The reviews from customers show 91% giving the Galaxy S24 base model five stars. The Galaxy S24 Plus received five stars from 84% of customers, and 88% gave the top score to the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

PerfectRec has discovered something interesting. They believe that early iPhone customer reviews are more negative than those left later on by those who have purchased one of the most recent iPhone models. That's because early adopters who are so quick to buy the newest iPhone models are often phone enthusiasts who know more about phones than the average guy. As a result, these early buyers might not be impressed with incremental improvements.

The product recommendation site says that this may be a "phenomenon" only seen with Apple products and early Galaxy S adopters do not respond in the same way that early iPhone buyers do. While there are already a large number of reviews posted for the Galaxy S24 series, PerfectRec says that is possible that the satisfaction ratings for the Galaxy S24 series will change over time.

Over the years, there has been a big improvement in the percentage of base Galaxy S models and Galaxy S Ultra models that gave the devices five stars. For example, only 68% of the reviews for the Galaxy S20 gave the phone five stars while 72% of Galaxy S20 Ultra reviews carried a five-star rating. As recently as 2022, the figures for the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22% were 61% and 74% respectively.

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Last year saw a nice jump as 75% of Galaxy S23 reviews awarded the phone five stars while that figure for the Galaxy S23 Ultra was 82%. And to reiterate, that figure for the Galaxy S24 soared 16 percentage points to 91% and hit 88% for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

It also was a clean sweep for the Galaxy S24 series against the iPhone 15 line. The number of iPhone 15 customer reviews giving the phone a five-star rating was 76% compared to the 91% achieved by the Galaxy S24. That figure was 77% for the iPhone 15 Plus versus 84% for the Galaxy S24+. The iPhone 15 Pro Max was awarded five stars in 74% of customer reviews compared to 88% for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

PerfecrRec says that if the Galaxy S24 numbers change appreciably during the year, it will update the numbers and we, in turn, will update you.

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