The Galaxy S23 series comes with a nifty gaming feature for power users

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The Galaxy S23 series comes with a nifty gaming feature for power users
The Galaxy S23 series does not seize to surprise and impress, and this time it is thanks to a feature dedicated to the hardcore mobile gamers out there. Samsung's latest flagship phone lineup comes with something called Pause USB Power Delivery. A feature that lets S23 owners plug in a charger to directly power the device's processor instead the battery.

Pause USB Power Delivery is more typically seen in gaming phones like the well-known Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro. It seems, however, that Samsung has decided to include it in and make the Galaxy S23 package even sweeter than it already is, as discovered by YouTuber NL Tech. (via AndroidHeadlines)

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What is Pause USB Power Delivery?

To put it into simpler terms, once the feature is enabled, plugging in a charger into the phone will bypass charging of the battery and directly provide power to the processor, unless the phone has a 20% charge or lower. There are a couple of benefits to this.

For starters, there is much less heat being produced by the phone's battery. Typically, when performing heavy tasks such as running games the battery heats up as it delivers power to the processor. Many gamers, however, have their phone plugged in while gaming, which produces even more heat as the battery is simultaneously being charged up and used.

By avoiding having to go through the battery the Pause USB Power Delivery feature helps keep the device cool, which in turn helps the processor maintain its thermals easier and therefore perform better (mostly preventing it from throttling).

The other upside to this is that this approach protects the overall battery health. A battery's capacity decreases with each charge and discharge, so the less it has to go through that process the longer it will last in the future, before needing to be changed.

While gamers are the most obvious benefactors of Pause USB Power Delivery, this is not to say that they are the only ones. If you tend to multitask on your phone, or you are working with productivity applications that are taxing on the system, it is not a bad idea to make use of this feature too.

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The good news is that Samsung does not seem to have restricted this to any specific power brick or cable. The only requirement is that it supports Power Delivery (PD), which most chargers nowadays do already.

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