Here's the latest on the Samsung Galaxy S20 series' refresh rate; Galaxy Z Flip will lock in two positions

Here's the latest on the Samsung Galaxy S20 series' refresh rate; Galaxy Z Flip will lock in two positions
Thanks to some new tweets from XDA's Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach), we now have some information related to the phones that are going to be unveiled on February 11. That includes the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra, and the Galaxy Z Flip. Let's start with Sammy's first-half flagships. Weinbach says that by default, the Galaxy S20 line will be set at a refresh rate of 60Hz. That is the traditional rate for smartphones and Galaxy S20 models will be able to double that refresh rate at the user's discretion.

At 120Hz, scrolling will be smoother and game animations will redraw quickly. At that refresh rate, the screen updates at 120 frames per second. But as you might imagine, a faster refresh rate means a lower battery life which is why Samsung has equipped the new handsets with larger capacity batteries. The Galaxy S20 will come with a 4000mAh battery rising to 4500mAh for the Galaxy S20+ and 5000mAh for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Another pair of phones that are expected to deliver a 120Hz refresh rate are the OnePlus 8 Pro and the OnePlus 8. A leaked screenshot of the former shows that OnePlus will offer three options on these units: 120Hz, 90Hz, and 60Hz. As far as we know, the Galaxy S20 series will have just 60Hz and 120Hz settings. Once you get used to a faster refresh rate, it is hard to return to 60Hz.

The Galaxy Z Flip will lock at 90 degrees and 180 degrees

Almost like a real human family, it appears that the middle child will be the forgotten one in the Galaxy S20 family. We have seen plenty of interest in the beastly Galaxy S20 Ultra with its huge 6.9-inch Dynamic AMOLED display, 12GB of memory and 128GB/512GB of storage. It also will feature "Space Zoom," a 100x hybrid zoom that employs a 48MP periscope telephoto system that delivers 10x optical zoom. It isn't known whether members of the U.S. Space Force will be required to carry a phone with Space Zoom.

We've also seen messages from consumers interested in the Galaxy S20, not just because of the lower price but also because of the smaller 6.2-inch display. That makes the phone less of a handful and because of the way math works, the screen on this model will have the highest pixels per inch (PPI) total of the trio, 563. The middle child, the Galaxy S20+, will sport a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display. Both of these phones will come with 12GB of memory and 128GB of storage.

We expect to see Samsung taking reservations on its new flagships right after they are introduced on February 11th. On March 13th the new models could be released. As we get closer to the Samsung Unpacked event next month, we should see an exponential rise in leaks so keep checking in.

Weinbach also disseminated some tweets about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. He says that the device will lock into two positions, 90 degrees and 180 degrees. At 90 degrees, the bottom part of the phone can be employed as a kickstand and the Camera app and video chat app Duo will use just the top half of the phone. Check out the GIF that was embedded in one of Weinbach's tweets found at the bottom of this page.

The Galaxy Z Flip will be powered by the Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform and should feature a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display. We could see a 12MP rear camera, a 10MP front-facing camera and a battery in the range of 3300-3500mAh. With 12GB of memory and perhaps as much as 256GB of storage inside, rumors call for the Galaxy Z Flip to be priced south of $1,000, perhaps as low as $800.

There is one last piece of Galaxy Z Flip info from Weinbach. If you're on a call using the Galaxy Z Flip and you shut the display, the call will end immediately.



14. Georgio

Posts: 343; Member since: Nov 21, 2016

120hz refresh is not a big deal, even those Chinese budget phones will get that these days. If they had this displays last year..., now everyone will have it.

13. SaRPeR

Posts: 173; Member since: Mar 02, 2017

120 Hz will be usable only in FHD+ mode. Display will revert back to 60 Hz if you set the resolution to WQHD+

6. BadAssAbe

Posts: 509; Member since: Apr 22, 2011

No more notches or hole in display or curved screen please Samsung

7. RoryBreaker

Posts: 331; Member since: Oct 11, 2015

I'm sure they are working on it, just not there yet. I'll still take this smaller centered hole than the pill shaped off to the side hole on the S10+

3. cevon3239

Posts: 259; Member since: Jan 01, 2020

I am definitely getting the S Ultra as a break from my Note 9. The Note 10 just wasn't inspiring enough to keep. But the camera was so nice. The S20 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra are gonna blow everything out the water.

2. Dr.Phil

Posts: 2578; Member since: Feb 14, 2011

I'm surprised they haven't come up with a software solution that would automatically change the refresh rate based on the application being used. When you open a game or webpage it uses 120hz but when you're on the home page it defaults back to 60 hz. Similar to how Sony handles 4K where it uses 4K in photos and videos but defaults to 1080p on the homescreen.

5. cevon3239

Posts: 259; Member since: Jan 01, 2020

Why would you need 120hz on a webpage with mostly static text and images?

8. Dr.Phil

Posts: 2578; Member since: Feb 14, 2011

Apparently you have never scrolled through a webpage before?

10. vincelongman

Posts: 5843; Member since: Feb 10, 2013

Ideally it should be 30Hz for a static webpage (or as low as possible) Then as soon as you scoll it should switch to 120Hz instantly But that's easier said than done I'm sure Samsung/Google/etc are working on it

1. Rocket

Posts: 750; Member since: Feb 24, 2014

They need to add the 90hz option

4. cevon3239

Posts: 259; Member since: Jan 01, 2020

Why? 60 or double is perfect. 90 is pointless over 60

16. LuisLopes

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 23, 2020

Typical comment from someone who does not know what to argue. I have an oneplus 7t and i use the 90Hz refresh rate all the time. Once you set the default to 60 Hz your eyes will tell the difference right away. Looks like i also have a rog 2 phone and 90 Hz to 120 Hz is not a big of a jump. The 90hz barrier is perfect you feel the phone much smother and also the battery life does not take that much of a hit. I know because i have both.

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