Check out the trick kids are doing with their AirPods to secretly converse during class

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Little did Apple know that when it released its television ad for the AirPods entitled "Sway" in 2017, the commercial would lead teens to discover a new way to communicate with each other in a classroom without the teacher's knowledge. The ad shows a woman wearing AirPods listening to a song (Palace by Sam Smith) while dancing in the street. She bumps into a random stranger and takes the AirPod out of her right ear and puts it in the stranger's right ear so that both could dance together to the music.

Well, some enterprising kids are now sharing secret messages inside classrooms by swapping one of their AirPods with a friend's single AirPod. Using a text-to-speech app, the friends can send gossip back and forth to each other while their clueless teacher drones on with the day's lessons.

A tweet embedded with a video made using the popular TikTok short-form video app (via ZDNet) shows the steps required to make this secret channel of communication possible. First, trade two left or right AirPods with a friend. Type something in Google Translate (available for both Android and iOS handsets) and play it.

Now we can't promise that swapping AirPods won't lead to an ear infection so you really should find a gossiping partner with good ear hygiene who doesn't have a fever or is tugging on their ear every few minutes. Also, it probably is a good idea to keep the AirPods hidden behind an ample growth of hair. Otherwise, it might not take long for a teacher to figure out that something strange is going on.

Grownups can learn a thing or two from their children. During a boring business meeting, a couple of friends can chat with each other while the boss puts a room full of executives to sleep.

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