Double-folding Samsung Galaxy Z is coming this year: Nikkei Asia

Double-folding Samsung Galaxy Z is coming this year: Nikkei Asia
Samsung may launch a dual-folding smartphone this year, reports Nikkei Asia.

Most earlier reports had said that the South Korean giant would announce three foldable phones this year, including the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Z Flip 3, and a relatively affordable bendable handset.

A December report from a Korean outlet said four foldable models and one rollable phone will be released this year. It now appears that the fourth bendable model is a dual-hinged phone.

Patents filed by the company had already indicated that a dual-hinge device would be released down the road but today is the first time we are hearing about concrete plans to launch such a device.

The dual-folding Galaxy Z model is apparently under development and it may arrive towards the end of the year. 

Details are still being finalized, per sources privy to the matter. Samsung is seemingly going for a more app-friendly design and wants the unfolded screen to be in line with mainstream ratio of 16:9 or 18:9. This would allow more video games and apps to run smoothly.

In its unfolded state, Fold 2 has a display ratio of 25:9 and this requires app makers to tailor their products to the unique aspect ratio.

Samsung has set a foldable shipments goal of 10 million units for 2021

According to GF Securities analyst Jeff Pu, Samsung sold around 3.5 million foldable smartphones in 2020, and this year, the number could increase to 7.5 million units.

Pu also says that the chaebol has long planned to replace the Galaxy Note series with foldable phones. According to one person familiar with the matter, Samsung decided to ax the series last year as not only does it want to focus more on foldable phones which have a higher margin and distinctive design, but also because of the increasing similarity between the Galaxy S and Note series.

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The company wants foldable phone shipments to reach the same level as the Note series, which typically exceed 10 million units annually. 

The ongoing chip shortage could come in the way of these plans. Another hurdle is the supply of foldable-specific components like Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG).

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