Dear Apple, if I were you, this is what I'd do with the next iPhone

Dear Apple, if I were you, this is what I'd do with the next iPhone
As a fan and long-time user of Apple products, I always look forward to the release of the next iPhone. While the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max is impressive with its sleek design and cool features, there are still a few areas where I believe there is room for improvement.

The iPhone 16 Pro Max seems to be an even fancier device (judging by leaks, at least), and that's sparked my imagination. If I were in Apple's shoes, here are the changes and innovations I would implement in the next iteration of the iPhone, to make it even fancier.

Design: lighter, please (flashback - the 13 Pro Max falling on my nose one evening...)

The iPhone's design has always been very appealing to me, with this understated elegance and functionality. The iPhone 15 Pro Max is undeniably a stunning device with its gorgeous display and premium titanium build. However, one aspect that could use some refinement is its weight.

Yep, Apple did make the 15 Pro Max's frame from titanium to try to address this situation. But for me, 20g is not enough of a weight loss. It's only too much when it comes to my Chihuahua. The Pro Max is still quite heavy, making it quite the load when talking (without using earbuds), carrying it in a pocket, or enjoying some Instagram in bed. And nope, I don't want a smaller screen.

To solve this issue, I would research materials and modifications of the design that could reduce the overall weight without compromising durability or looks. Imagine an iPhone that maintains its strong build yet feels noticeably lighter in the hand (and on the face!) - that would be a notable improvement.

Also, we now have a growing trend of foldable smartphones. And I'm here for a foldable iPhone too. Introducing an iPhone Flip could be a game-changer, and I may be waiting in line to get one. However, it is crucial that any foldable iPhone be free of the dreaded crease that plagues many of its competitors, and annoys me beyond myself when scrolling.

A seamless, crease-free foldable iPhone will offer us the best of both worlds: a large screen when needed and a compact form factor for portability.

Also, I need to quickly mention colors. I'd love to have a Product RED iPhone Pro Max and overall, a wider variety of color options for Pro-branded models. Come on, give us at least the entire rainbow. It's not that much - just some 7 main shades. Okay, okay, 5 is also good...

Cameras: we need true-to-life colors, not overly enhanced

The iPhone 15 Pro Max boasts an impressive camera system with advanced sensors that produce great-quality photos. However, one critique that many photography enthusiasts have (me included, although I'm not exactly a photographer) is the tendency for iPhone cameras to produce images with oversharpened details and vibrant colors. 

This photo looks good, and almost realistic. But let me explain. These slight annoyances aren't necessarily visible to a regular user who snaps themselves and friends. But in my free time, I happen to also be a painter. When I take a photo of my art with my iPhone, the changes in colors and sharpening make me want to throw my phone (and my artwork) out of the window.

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That's an issue not reserved for iPhones though, but here, I'm talking to you, Apple. While these enhancements can make photos look stunning, they often stray from the natural, true-to-life colors that form our beautiful reality. And if I don't capture RAW and edit later, it doesn't work for me. 

In the next iPhone, I would focus on refining the camera algorithms so that we have more realistic colors and tones. The goal should be to capture scenes as they appear to the human eye, with accurate colors and natural contrast. Or at least, if many users still want the artificial Insta-ready look, give us the option to go back to the original captured photo before the modifications.

This approach will be appreciated by professional photographers and artists seeking authenticity... and also by regular people who want their photos to reflect real-life moments.

Performance and software: stay the course

When it comes to performance and software, Apple is king, in my opinion. The iPhone 15 Pro Max, powered by the A17 Bionic chip, delivers excellent speed and efficiency. Additionally, iOS continues to evolve, and it's going in the right direction. With iOS 18, more customization options, and Apple Intelligence, I am confident that the operating system will become even better.

In this area, my advice is simple: stay the course. Continue to prioritize performance and excellence.

Battery: I always want more battery power, don't I?

Battery life is a crucial aspect of the smartphone experience, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max performs admirably in this department. The 16 Pro Max is also rumored to slay. However, there is always room for improvement, and for me, there's never enough battery. In an age where our smartphones are essential tools for work, communication, and fun, extending battery life is extremely important.

Video Streaming(hours)Higher is better
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max9h 45 min
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max11h
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra8h 54 min
Google Pixel 7 Pro9h 39 min
Web Browsing(hours)Higher is better
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max19h 20 min
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max19h 5 min
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra18h 57 min
Google Pixel 7 Pro14h 19 min
3D Gaming(hours)Higher is better
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max9h 36 min
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max8h 39 min
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra7h 13 min
Google Pixel 7 Pro4h 11 min

If the next iPhone could offer even longer battery life, it would be a dream come true. Imagine a device that not only lasts through a very busy day of usage (work, scrolling, YouTube, gaming, video taking, editing videos, posting, navigation, and what have you!) but also retains enough power in the evening without forcing you to charge it. And is ready for the next day too. This piece of mind and convenience would be irreplaceable.

Ideas out there: the future of iPhone innovation

Of course, there are several ambitious ideas that also come to mind:
  • One-week battery life (or even one-month battery life, why not?): Imagine an iPhone that only needs to be charged once a week. Or once a month, or something. But this phone isn't a dumb phone or heavy and gigantic. Here I am, hopeful that advancements in battery technology and energy efficiency could make this a reality. Yep, I want that one. Seriously.
  • Intuitive AI: A personal assistant who knows me better than I know myself. This AI could anticipate your needs and give you personalized recommendations for what you want to do on your iPhone right in the moment. Read my mind, Apple Intelligence 5.0...  read it, before I've read it myself!
  • Bespoke edition: One thing I love about Samsung foldable flagship releases is the Bespoke edition option. It allows you to select different colors for specific parts of the phone and customize your own foldable Galaxy. I'd want to make my own iPhone look with such an option. Yep, that's not that outrageous but it does seem a bit out there, doesn't it?


iPhones have consistently set the standard for design and super-smooth performance. By focusing on making the device lighter, improving the cameras' colors, and delivering even longer battery life, Apple can continue to excite users and stay ahead of the competition. 

As an enthusiast eagerly awaiting the next release that I'm already beyond hyped for, I hope to see these improvements and innovations come to life in a future iPhone. And hopefully, sooner rather than later.

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