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Costco and Sprint join forces for incredible deals on Samsung's Galaxy S10+, Note 9, and more

Costco and Sprint join forces for incredible deals on Samsung's Galaxy S10+, Note 9, and more
One of the best things about Sprint's impending discontinuation as a result of T-Mobile acquiring the nation's fourth-largest wireless service provider and merging the two networks to create an unstoppable 5G force is arguably how cheap you can get certain impressive phones right now.

We're not just talking about killer deals available directly from the soon-to-be-retired carrier, mind you, like an iPhone 11 or Galaxy S10+ you can lease at no cost under some very specific conditions, but also a number of absolute steals that are at the disposal of Costco members exclusively through tomorrow, May 14.

All you need to do is visit a brick and mortar warehouse near you and choose from a delightfully long list of mobile devices the model you're willing to sign a 24-month installment plan for. The bargain roster is undoubtedly headlined by the Samsung Galaxy S10+, which can be yours for... $0 a month after bill credits as long as you don't mind adding a new line to an existing Sprint account or opening an altogether new one.

Even better, you will also receive a $200 Costco Shop Card alongside your free Galaxy S10+, which basically means Sprint and Costco are joining forces to pay you to get the extremely well-reviewed 6.4-inch Snapdragon 855 powerhouse with a triple rear-facing camera system and 4,100mAh battery off their hands. Keep in mind that, apart from the aforementioned two-year device payment plan and standard credit approval procedures, this phenomenal deal has no other strings attached. We're talking no trade-ins, no BOGO combinations, no nothing.

Meanwhile, if you want something with a built-in S Pen, Costco will sell you the Galaxy Note 9 for $20.83 a month after bill credits alongside a $500 Shop Card. At first glance, this promotion might seem significantly less impressive, but on the bright side, both new and upgrade lines are eligible for an offer that essentially makes the still-great Note 9 free after online Costco Shop Card redemption.

The Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+, iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X are themselves available in combination with a generous $500 Costco Shop Card on both new and upgrade Sprint lines, although their actual pricing details are a little murky. 

You'll just have to visit your local Costco warehouse and check out the full info on these unquestionably attractive deals. And remember, you won't be stuck with Sprint very long, as T-Mobile is set to adopt all its daughter operator's subscribers in the near future.

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