The best OnePlus 10 Pro screen protectors you can get

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The best OnePlus 10 Pro screen protectors you can get
The OnePlus 10 Pro is finally available worldwide after the company launched the device globally. The long awaited OnePlus flagship comes with a lot of great features, and will give your regular iPhone and Galaxy devices a run for their money.

Check out our full OnePlus 10 Pro review for more details but long story short, this phone sports one of the best screens in the business, it has a powerful processor, great cameras, and its price is not that steep as well.

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OnePlus 10 Pro

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Now, if you’ve bought this phone already, or plan to do so, the next step is to get a nice case for it. We’ve already covered this in our Best OnePlus 10 Pro cases pick, so the last piece of the puzzle is the screen protector.

Here you will find some of the best OnePlus 10 Pro screen protectors you can get right now.

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Do OnePlus 9 Pro screen protectors fit the OnePlus 10 Pro?

That's a fair question! Both phones sport nearly identical dimensions, and the screen size is the same on both the OnePlus 9 Pro and the OnePlus 10 Pro. So, the short answer is - yes, you could make a OnePlus 9 Pro screen protector work on the OnePlus 10 Pro. In fact, some retailers list their screen protectors as compatible with both models. There are some caveats to this, however. There's a slight width difference between both devices, which can result in misalignment of the hole-punch camera cutout. To be on the safe side, get a screen protector specifically made for the OnePlus 10 Pro.

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Best OnePlus 10 Pro screen protector overall

Finding the best OnePlus 10 Pro screen protector isn't an easy job with so many brands (some of which are completely unknown). When in doubt, turn to something tried and tested, which has emerged victorious through the test of time. 

ZAGG InvisibleShield Ultra Clear+ OnePlus 10 Pro

ZAGG is an institution when it comes to screen protectors. The Ultra Clear+ series is pretty interesting, as it features a glass-like feeling with the added benefits of a flexible screen protector. ZAGG says it's military grade, virtually indestructible (although we should be careful with such marketing claims). To be fair, ZAGG offers limited lifetime warranty on these, so they have to be pretty good, right.

This OnePlus 10 Pro screen protector also features a self-healing property that will automatically remove light scratches over time. It's also super-clear, works with under-display fingerprint sensors (both optical and ultrasonic ones), and it offers great touch sensitivity. The only drawback is that this OnePlus 10 Pro screen protector is not readily available everywhere (there's a Swedish site that has it in stock), so you either have to wait a bit, or deal with international deliveries.

Best OnePlus 10 Pro tempered glass screen protectors

Tempered glass is considered one of the best material for smartphone screen protectors, and for a good reason. It's like a second screen on top of your precious OnePlus 10 Pro OLED masterpiece, and in case you accidentally drop your newly acquired gem, chances are the screen protector would take the damage instead of the display itself. There are drawbacks too - these screen protectors are hard to install, and they tend to chip and crack, and replacing them can be a mess. Nevertheless, these are one of the best tempered glass screen protectors for your OnePlus 10 Pro available right now.

Panzer Premium Curved OnePlus 10 Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Another solid choice when it comes to tempered glass smartphone screen protectors comes from PanzerGlass. It's a Danish start-up company that earned a reputation of delivering great products during the past 9 years. The PanzerGlass screen protectors are pretty popular in Europe but getting them Stateside can be a bit of a hurdle.

Back to the current model - the Premium 3D curved tempered glass for OnePlus 10 Pro offers a lot of bells and whistles for its price, and can rival other bigger and more popular brands. It features a unique curved design that allows it to cover the whole front of the phone without any gaps. All this comes in a pretty thin package as well - the protector is just 0.33mm thick.

This OnePlus 10 Pro screen protector boasts 9H hardness (9 times stronger than regular glass), it has an oil-resistant coating that will keep fingerprints away, and it wont interfere with fingerprint readers and the overall touchscreen sensitivity of your phone. Again, a drawback is that you have to get it imported from Europe.

RinoGear Tempered Glass Screen Protector for OnePlus 10 Pro

RinoGear offers a more affordable take on the tempered glass screen protector for your OnePlus 10 Pro. But don't think it's inferior in any way - it still offers a lot for its price. This OnePlus 10 Pro screen protector is just 0.33 mm thick, comes with 99.9% transparency, and you're getting two sheets in the box.

The installation is pretty easy, and you don't have to worry about solutions or sprays - the installation is completely dry and also bubble free. The hardness of the tempered glass is rated at 9H and there's also an oleophobic coating to keep fingerprints at bay.

(2-Pack) RinoGear Tempered Glass Screen Protector for OnePlus 10 Pro Case

Friendly Accessories Easy Dry Install

CoverON OnePlus 10 Pro tempered glass screen protector

CoverOn is yet another tempered glass screen protector for the OnePlus 10 Pro, combining some neat features with an affordable price. It is cut with lasers and covers 98% of OnePlus 10 Pro's screen, including the black bezel part.

This screen protector is ultra-thin, and features anti-UV and anti-rainbow effect coatings. Speaking of coatings, there are anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint coatings as well. The installation is also pretty straightforward, and the price, as we mentioned, is also great.

CoverON [2 Pack] Tempered Glass Designed For OnePlus 10 Pro Screen Protector,

Anti-Scratch Edge to Edge Black Rim Coverage

Best OnePlus 10 Pro flexible screen protectors

There are times when flexible screen protectors are the better solution and can outperform their tempered glass cousins. These are easy to install, they don't shatter when dropped, and they cost a fraction of the price. They are also very light, thin, and you won't even notice them on your phone. Of course, on the other hand, flexible screen protectors are scratched easily, and they don't offer the same level of protection as tempered glass.

RinoGear RinoSkin flexible screen protector for OnePlus 10 Pro

RinoGear comes to the rescue again with a flexible TPU screen protector for your OnePlus 10 Pro. The normal pros of flexible screen protectors apply here as well - this RinoSkin screen protector is extremely light, thin, and the installation is wet, giving some wiggle room if you mess things up. Furthermore, the price is amazingly affordable, so you can buy a couple of these bad boys just in case.

Again, this is not tempered glass and won't break instead of your phone's screen. It scratches more easily and it's not as hard as tempered glass. But on the other hand, it's completely transparent, and allows 100% touch sensitivity.

RinoGear Screen Protector for OnePlus 10 Pro

Case Friendly Accessories Flexible Full Coverage Clear TPU Film

Supershieldz Designed for OnePlus 10 Pro Screen Protector

SuperShieldz is now getting popular with its TPU screen protectors, mainly because the company uses high-quality Japanese flexible thin film. These OnePlus 10 Pro screen protector offers great scratch-resistance, easy installation, and a pack of two sheets in the retail box for a very good price.

It's thin and lightweight, and it guarantees 100% touch sensitivity. 

Supershieldz Designed for OnePlus 10 Pro Screen Protector,

(Full Coverage) High Definition Clear Shield (TPU)

Best OnePlus 10 Pro liquid screen protectors

You movie fanatics out there probably remember the great scene from Terminator where the evil cyborg just reassembles itself from its pieces shattered on the ground. That's the first thing that comes to mind when I think about liquid screen protectors. But there's a time and place for such a contraption. If you don't want to go through the installation of a regular protector (no matter how "easy" it's marketed to be), applying a liquid protector can be your thing.

Luvvitt Liquid Glass Screen Protector

The idea behind this is quite simple - this screen protector consists of tiny glass particles, suspended in liquid solution. When you apply it to your phone's screen it binds with the glass, creating a protective layer (it also fills any defects and imperfections in the glass, making it stronger and smoother).

There are a lot of positives to this tech - you can apply it to practically any device with a glass screen - your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, etc. It's universal and the bottle will last for several applications through multiple devices.

This particular model is a German product, and it boasts 9H hardness. On the flip side, the surface coating will wear off after some time and you'd have to reapply it. Luvvitt also offers its liquid screen protectors with an insurance option (up to $750 in screen repairs).

LIQUID GLASS Screen Protector with $750 Coverage

Wipe On Scratch and Shatter Resistant Nano Protection for All Phones Tablets and Smart Watches

Crystalusion Plus Active Anti-Bacterial Screen Protection Solution

Here's an interesting take on smartphone protection. The global pandemic taught us that protection is not always mechanical or physical, it can be biochemical. Crystalusion offers just that - a shield against harmful bacteria for your phone.

The science behind this one is pretty solid, there's research published and this screen protector is classified as a medical device! It will guard you phone (one of the dirtiest thing in your household, according to several studies) against 99.9% of bacteria. One bottle will last you a couple of months.


This concludes our OnePlus 10 Pro screen protectors list. Of course, we'll be adding entries on a regular basis, so be sure to watch this space and check back from time to time.

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