Best Apple AirTag accessories: keychains, key rings, holders

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Best Apple AirTag accessories: keychains, key rings, holders
Apple has finally released the long-awaited and rumored accessory, rivaling Tile and Samsung SmartTag: the Apple AirTag. Its simple and minimalist design, although quite good-looking, happens to miss a hole for you to attach your keychain or to attach the AirTag to anything. For that reason, accessory vendors and makers have prepared keychains, AirTag cases, and most of them do not cost as much as the AirTag itself (well, some do, and some even more).

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best AirTag accessories: keychains, cases with straps, AirTag cases, and mounts that are available at the moment, in order to help you with your decision.

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Apple AirTag

- buy one for $29 or a 4-pack for $99.

Best AirTag cases, keychains and straps

First off, we start with AirTag cases with key rings and straps. The good thing is that well-known brands and mobile accessory companies such as Belkin, Caseology, and Spigen, all have an AirTag keychain or case with strap to offer. Additionally, Apple itself has several options ready for you to choose from, of course, a bit more on the expensive side.

Belkin Secure Holder

Belkin’s Secure Holder for Apple AirTag is a simple and elegant solution and it's priced at just $12.95. The accessory comes in four colors: black, white, pink, and blue, so you can accessorize your AirTag to match your style or your bag. The Secure Holder has raised edges so it protects your new little smart tracker from getting scratched, while the strong and flexible strap secures your AirTag to whatever it is you decided to attach it to. On top of that, the Secure Holder has an open design, so your custom engraving and the AirTag’s simple design is still visible.

Belkin offers another variant of the secure holder: with a ring, instead of a strap, that you can attach to your keychain or bag.

Spigen Valentinus holder for AirTag

Spigen’s AirTag keychain holder has a bit more conservative look and it’s made from faux leather. It has a carabiner to attach to your bag or to your keys. It has a cover with a button to close and secure your AirTag, while still displaying your custom engraving and the design. It does come in just one color: black, but for those of you that are fans of that badass-looking leather AirTag holder, black is just enough.

Spigen Valentinus for AirTag

AirTag Case Rugged Armor from Spigen

So, you want something even more badass than the leader case mentioned previously? Well, Spigen has you covered with its Rugger Armor AirTag case. It has a carbon fiber design with a matte black finish, while its firm carabiner can help you attach your AirTag to your bag, keys, or anything really.

Caseology Vault for Apple AirTag

The Caseology Vault for Apple AirTag is another simple-looking, and affordable, AirTag case that comes with a carabiner to attach to your bag. It can also be used with a key ring to attach the AirTag to your keys. It has an unintrusive matte black design, and is made from durable, sand-stone textured TPU material.

Caseology Vault for Apple AirTag Case

AirTag leather key ring from Apple

Of course, you might want to have your case and keychain from Apple itself, and currently, Cupertino has an elegant leather one for you. It comes in three colors: Saddle Brown, Product RED, and Baltic Blue, a color that looks like a nice oceanic mixture between blue and green. The key ring is made from stainless steel, so it will offer great security and firmness. Well, as with anything Apple, if you decide to go for that option, you should keep in mind that it does cost a bit more than the AirTag itself.

Leather key ring from Apple

AirTag loop from Apple

The AirTag loop from Apple is an option for those of you, who would like something more youthful and vibrant to accessorize your new AirTag. The loop, mae from durable mateiral called polyurethane, comes in four lively colors: Sunflower, Deep Navy, Electric Orange, and White. This one costs $29, as much as the AirTag that it will accessorize, but it's fresh and bright colors are definitely a yes from us.

AirTag Loop from Apple

Bonus category: Hermès luggage tag from Apple

Well, this one is worth mentioning just for your viewing pleasure. It is a luggage tag designed by the ultra-premium company Hermès and costs a staggering $449 while offering the instantly recognizable Hermès leather look.

AirTag Hermès Luggage Tag

Other AirTag accessories

Apart from key rings and keychains for your AirPads, there’s a couple of other accessories we want to add here.

AirTag pet collar from FollowPaw

First off, for those of you thinking about an AirTag pet collar, FollowPaw has a stylish solution for you. The collar is built from sustainable cork leather and the AirTag can be simply put inside the collar so you never have to worry about losing your dog. However, do keep in mind that Apple has stressed the AirTag is not made for tracking your dog, as your dog has to be within the range of Find My to be able to be tracked.

Buy the AirTag collar from FollowPaw

Moment Hard Shell AirTag mount

Moment’s Hard Shell Air Tag mount is another interesting accessory for your AirTag. Backed by super-strong adhesive, you can stick it to any flat surface, while the rugged aramid fiber shell will protect your AirTag. With this AirTag mount, you can attach your AirTag to your camera case, your luggage (although not if it’s made from fabric), your bike, or even a drone.

Moment Strech fabric mount for AirTags

The same company is also offering an AirTag mount that can securely attach to fabric, so with it, you can attach your AirTag to your bag or even your jacket (well, some people do lose their jackets, you know!). Its unintrusive design will make your AirTag almost invisible to thieves.

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