AT&T follows Verizon's suit while beating T-Mobile to the punch with 'Unlimited Your Way' plans

AT&T follows Verizon's suit while beating T-Mobile to the punch with 'Unlimited Your Way' plans
AT&T is not exactly ahead of the US carrier pack in terms of either raw 5G speeds or the availability of its next-gen wireless network, which may have played a role in T-Mobile's recent surge to the number two spot as far as nationwide subscriber figures are concerned.

Of course, Ma Bell is trying its best to keep up with the competition in both the smartphone deals and plans department, adding a touch of flexibility to its unlimited lineup aimed squarely at leveling the field with Verizon while possibly beating T-Mobile to the "Mix and Match" punch.

Obviously, AT&T is not using the same marketing language as Big Red, instead labeling its revised wireless rate plan options with the "Unlimited Your Way" moniker. While the plans themselves are unchanged when it comes to both their standard prices and included perks and benefits, the novelty is that you can now combine them as you please on any account with more than one line of service.

For instance, you're looking at paying a grand total of $175 a month for two Unlimited Elite lines, one Extra, and one Starter line instead of having to cough up 200 bucks for four identical Unlimited Elite Lines or settling for four Unlimited Extra lines at $160.

The idea is that different people have different needs, so just because one member of your family wants HBO Max, HD streaming support, 100 gigs of "premium" data, and 30 gigs of mobile hotspot data a month, that doesn't mean everyone on the same account has to be overcharged for things that might go unused.

The aforementioned benefits are naturally included in the top-of-the-line AT&T Unlimited Elite plan, which costs $85 a month for a single line of service, with the carrier's Unlimited Extra and Starter options starting at $75 and $65 a month respectively with lower or no premium data and mobile hotspot data allotments, as well as no HBO Max access.

To be perfectly clear, you can mix and match these three plans in whatever combination you want, just like Verizon customers are allowed to do but unlike T-Mobile subscribers, which may however be able to join the "Unlimited Your Way" party soon, according to analysts quoted by Fierce Wireless.


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