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AT&T's data plans are unlimited for HBO Max, not so for Disney+ or Netflix

AT&T's data plans are unlimited for HBO Max, but not Disney+ or Netflix
Call it net neutrality issue, call it nepotism, but that love child of AT&T and Time Warner - HBO Max - will be exempt from data caps and throttling on, you guessed it... AT&T.  Thus, if your unlimited data plan with HBO Max included hits the soft ceiling, that won't be because you have been streaming like crazy, and your service won't be affected.

That same offer isn't valid for, say, Netflix or Disney+, leaving us to wonder whether the "sponsored" data program of AT&T isn't just a fig leaf for the preference it gives to its own kit of streamers.

According to Tony Goncalves from AT&T, who oversees the HBO Max push: "The network is the plumbing, and the content is the water. And you’re seeing water and the plumbing kind of coming together."

While this is all dine and dandy from a business standpoint, as AT&T is basically paying itself when it credits the HBO Max data consumption in your monthly bill, some proponents of net neutrality predicted that this will be exactly the thing that will happen if AT&T is allowed to merge with Time Warner. Here's how HBO Max stacks up against the direct competition of Netflix or Disney+ in this golden age of content streaming.

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  • HBO Max subscription price: $14.99 monthly
  • HBO Max movies and TV shows count: all of HBO and Warner, plus 10,000 hours of new content

HBO Max vs Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Apple TV subscription plan prices

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